Jan 31, 2015

Demise Roussos

We were saddened to learn of the demise of Demis Roussos (above centre) this past week. And so we've scoured the Internet for literally minutes to find the finest Greek psychedelia, progressive rock and various other oddities. Excuse the woeful pronunciation and translations, but do enjoy an hour of wailing solos and even wailier singing. Parakalo!   
  1. Excerpt from “Abigail's Party”                      
  2. Mandjourano's Shake, The Forminx, With The Forminx, 1968
  3. Life is a Dream, George Romanos, Two Little Blue Horses, 1970, Zodiac
  4. Garyfalle, Garyfalle, Peloma Bokiou, Garyfalle, Garyfalle, 7", 1970, Lyra
  5. Interval, Dionysis Savvopoulos, Ballos, 1971, Lyra
  6. Come my Sun!, Poll, Anthrope Agapa 7", 1971, Polydor
  7. Endless Fields, Kostas Tournas, Aperanta Xorafia, 1972, Polydor
  8. Live In The Country, Socrates, Socrates Drank The Conium, 1972, Polygram
  9. Give Me Your Hand, Νοstradamos, 7", 1972, Zodiac
  10. The More Good Singer, Kostas Tournas, 1973       
  11. The Magi, Peloma Bokiou, The Μagi, 1973,Lyra
  12. Come On, Vangelis, Earth, 1973, Vertigo
  13. Powder Stones Mud, Dimitris Poulikakos & Exadaktylos, 7", 1975, Zodiac
  14. The Mechanism, Nikolas Asimos, O Mhxanismos 7", 1975, Zodiac
  15. Metamorphic, The 4 Levels of Existence, The 4 Levels of Existence, 1976, Venus
  16. Stuck, Iraklis Triantafillidis, 1984 
  17.  The Four Horsemen, Aphrodite's Child, 666, 1972, Vertigo

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