Jun 29, 2013

Protest Songs Part 5

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Volume five of the protest songs series. This week: What happens next?
  1. Challenge And Battle    Harry Betts    Black Mama, White Mama    1972   
  2. I Started Something I Couldn't Finish    The Smiths    Strangeways, Here We Come    1987    EMI
  3. Bitters End    Roxy Music    Roxy Music    1972    Island
  4. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue    Them    Them Again    1966    Decca
  5. Silence Of The Morning    The Glass Sun    7"    1971    Sin
  6. Becalmed    Brian Eno    Another Green World    1975    Island
  7. It's All Gone Quiet    The Week That Was    The Week That Was    2008    Memphis Industries
  8. Still As Stone    The Alan Bown!    Legend Of A Mind    2002    Decca
  9. Emptiness Inside    My Bloody Valentine    Feed Me With Your Kiss    1988    Creation
  10. Our Past Life    Wipers    Over The Edge    1983    Brain Eater
  11. Dedicated To You, But You Weren't Listening    Soft Machine    Volume Two    1968    ABC/Probe
  12. This Angry Silence    Television Personalities    And Don't the Kids Just Love I    1981    Rough Trade
  13. Losers Weepers, Pt. 1    Etta James    The Essential Etta James Disc 2    1993    vtwin88cube
  14. Winning a Battle, Losing the War    Minizza           
  15. Afterwards    Van der Graaf Generator    The Aerosol Grey Machine    1969    Phillips
  16. New Day Rising    Husker Du    New Day Rising    1985    SST

Jun 23, 2013

Protest Songs Part 4

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Part four of our weekly roundup of Gezi songs.
  1. Girl in the Park    Nirvana UK    All Of Us    1968    Island
  2. Independent Intavenshun    Linton Kwesi Johnson    Forces Of Vicory    1985    Island
  3. Rubber Bullets    10CC    10CC    1973    Mercury
  4. Chemical Warfare    Dead Kennedys    Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables    1980    Alternative Tentacles
  5. Happy Head    The Mighty Lemon Drops    Happy Head    1986    Chrysallis
  6. Running, Jumping, Standing Still    Spider John Koerner    Running, Jumping, Standing Still    1967    Elektra
  7. Lonely Man    Mellow Candle    Swaddling Songs    1972    Deram
  8. Still As Stone    The Alan Bown!    Legend Of A Mind    2002    Decca
  9. Could You be the One?    Hüsker Dü    Warehouse: Songs and Stories    1987    Warner
  10. Do The Standing Still    The Table    Do The Standing Still 7"    1977    Virgin
  11. I'm Standing    Rufus Lumley    7"    1966   
  12. I Don't Know Where I Stand    Fairport Convention    Fairport Convention    1968    Island
  13. Stand By Me (Bonus Track)    Gene Clark    White Light    1971    A&M
  14. Look into the air    Explosions In The Sky    How Strange, Innocence    2000    Sad Loud America
  15. Get up Stand up    Peter Tosh        2003   

Jun 16, 2013

Protest Songs Part 3

The Flys

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Part three of our weekly roundup of Gezi songs.
  1. Don't Stop The Carnival    Davy Graham    The Guitar Player    1963    Golden Guinea
  2. Woodstock    Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young    Deja Vu    1970    Atlantic
  3. The Kids Are Alright    The Who    The Who Sings My Generation    1966    Brunswick
  4. Under Pressure (Feat. Michael Gira)    Xiu Xiu    Women As Lovers    2008    Kill Rock Stars
  5. What's The Point Of Leaving    Elmer Gantrys Velvet Opera        1968    Direction
  6. If You Leave    Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark    Pretty In Pink OST    1986    Virgin
  7. Love and A Molotov Cocktail     The Flys    Bunch of Five    1977   
  8. Second Hand News    Fleetwood Mac    Rumours    1977    Warner
  9. Rock Europeu    Fellini    O Adeus de Fellini    1985    Baratos Afins
  10. Powers of Darkness    Ronno    4th Hour of My Sleep 7"    1971    Vertigo
  11. Foreign Affairs    Eno Moebius Roedelius    After the Heat    1978    Island
  12. Don't Worry About the Government    Talking Heads    Talking Heads 77    1977    Sire
  13. Rock and Roll Doctor    Little Feat    Feats Don't Fail Me Now    1974    Warner
  14. Dez Leis (Is That Law)    Marcos Valle    Marcos Valle    1970    EMI
  15. I'm So Tired    The Beatles    The White Album    1968    Apple
  16. Standing In The Way Of Control (Original)    The Gossip    Standing In The Way Of Control    2005    Kill Rock Stars

Jun 8, 2013

Protest Songs Part 2

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Week two of protest play lists and I'm already scraping the bottom of the barrel.
  1. Do They Owe Us a Living    Crass    The Feeding Of The Five Thousand    1978    Crass
  2. The Trip    Kim Fowley    7"    1966    Corby
  3. Revolution    Spacemen 3    Playing With Fire    1989    Fire
  4. Blow It Up    Imitation Electric Piano    Blow It Up, Burn It Down, Kick It 'Til It Bleeds    2006    Duophonic/Drag City
  5. Trouble Every Day    The Mothers of Invention    Freak Out!    1966    Verve
  6. Beat Me 'til I'm Blue    Alan Hawkshaw    The Big Beat    1969    KPM
  7. Broken Face    The Pixies    Surfer Rosa    1988    4AD
  8. Orange Sky    Love    Da Capo    1967    Elektra
  9. Forces of Victory    Linton Kwesi Johnson    Forces Of Vicory    1985    Island
  10. News Of The World    The Jam    7"    1978    Polydor
  11. People Got To Be Free    The Young Rascals    7"    1968    Atlantic
  12. Chant    Public Image Ltd    Metal Box    1979    Virgin
  13. Sorry Somehow    Husker Du    Candy Apple Grey    1986    SST
  14. Where's The Freedom?    Subhumans    From The Cradle To The Grave    1983    Bluurg
  15. Do It    The Pink Fairies    7"    1971    Polydor

Jun 1, 2013

Protest Songs Part 1

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What started as a protest over the destruction of a city centre park has erupted into violece in not only Taksim Square but around the country this week. Here is a playlist that describes the events, kind of.  
  1. Parklife    Blur    Parklife    1994    Food
  2. The Trees They Do Grow High    Pentangle    Sweet Child    1968    Transatlantic
  3. I Predict A Riot    The Kaiser Chiefs    Employment    2005    B-Unique
  4. The Trumpton Riots    Half Man Half Biscuit    The Trumpton Riots    1985    Probe Plus
  5. Classical Gas    Mason Williams    The Mason Williams Phonograph Record    1968    Warner Brothers
  6. Don't Cry No Tears    Neil Young    Zuma    1975    Reprise
  7. Children Of The Revolution    T. Rex    Children Of The Revolution    1972    EMI
  8. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised    Gil Scott-Heron    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised    1974    Flying Dutchman RCA
  9. White Riot    The Clash    White Riot    1977    CBS
  10. Fite Dem Back    Linton Kwesi Johnson    Forces Of Vicory    1985    Island
  11. Street Fighting Man    The Rolling Stones    Beggar's Banquet    1968    Decca
  12. Policeman (Mono)    Caravan    Caravan    1969    Verve
  13. Breaking the Law    Judas Priest    British Steel    1980    Columbia
  14. I Fought The Law    Bobby Fuller Four    7"    1965    Mustang
  15. Babylon's Burning    The Ruts    The Crack    1979    Virgin
  16. Teen Age Riot    Sonic Youth    Daydream Nation    1988    Enigma/Blast First