Mar 1, 2014


This week, we take as the theme the current phone hack scandal involving Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and his son. In a leak telephone conversation, they allegedly discuss hiding millions of euro in cash.
  1. Son Of My Father    Chicory Tip     7"    1972    CBS
  2. Money     The Flying Lizards    Money  7"    1979    Virgin
  3. All The Money    Bobby Charles    Bobby Charles     1972    Bearsville
  4. Money In My Pocket    U Roy and Dennis Brown    12"    1979    Greensleeves
  5. Cashing In    The Voices of East Harlem    7"    1971    Just Sunshine
  6. The Thief    Can    Delay 1968    1981    Spoon
  7. Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey    The Beatles    The White Album    1968    Apple
  8. No Sense Of Crime    Iggy Pop & James Williamson    Kill City    1977    Bomp
  9. Money Runner    Quincy Jones    Dollars (OST)    1972    Polydor
  10. Hear Me Calling [Single Version]    Ten Years After    Hear Me Calling 7"    1969    Decca
  11. Pick Up The Phone    The Notwist    Neon Golden    2002    Virgin
  12. Hanging On The Telephone    Blondie    Parallel Lines    1978    Chrysallis
  13. Our Little Secret    SRC    Milestones    1969    Capitol
  14. La La La Lies    The Who    The Who Sings My Generation    1966    Brunswick
  15. Telephone Thing    The Fall    Extricate    1990    Cog Sinister