Apr 24, 2010

Pick of the Season

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1. Black Carpet Magic, Lilys, Everything Wrong Is Imaginary, Manifesto, 2006

2. The Drum, Slapp Happy, Acnalbasac Noom, Virgin, 1973

3. Dancing Madly Backwards, Captain Beyond, Captain Beyond, Capricorn, 1972

4. A Little Lost, Arthur Russell, Another Thought, Point Music, 1994

5. Hey Chicken, Loose Fur, Born Again In The USA, Drag City, 2006

6. Easy To Slip, Little Feat, Sailin' Shoes, Warner, 1972

7. Who Does She Hope To Be, Sonny Sharrock, Ask The Ages, Axiom, 1991

8. Here Comes Sunshine, The Grateful Dead, Wake of the Flood, Warner, 1973

9. Like Flies On Sherbert, Alex Chilton, Like Flies On Sherbert, Peabody/Aura, 1979

10. Mr. Bojangles, Nina Simone, Here Comes the Sun, RCA, 1971

11. Shut Your Face, Polyrock, Polyrock, RCA, 1980

12. Day I Met God, Adam & The Ants, Dirk Wears White Sox, Do It, 1979

13. Deu, Aquaserge, Tahiticoco, Manimal, 2008

14. Crazy John, Tom Paxton, 6, Elektra, 1970

15. Tombahead, Baikonour, Your Ear Knows Future, Melodic, 2008

Apr 16, 2010

The Great Rock and Roll Swindler

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1) Love Comes in Spurts, Neon Boys, E.P., Shake, 1973

2) Who Are The Mystery Girls?, New York Dolls, Too Much Too Soon, Mercury, 1974

3) No Feelings, Sex Pistols, Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols, Virgin, 1977

4) Right to Work, Chelsea, 7, Step Forward, 1977

5) Boredom, Buzzcocks, Spiral Scratch, United Artists, 1977

6) Warsaw, Joy Division, Substance, Factory, 1978

7) Rebellious Juke Box, The Fall, Live At The Witch Trials, Step Forward, 1978

8) Still Ill, The Smiths, The Smiths, Rough Trade, 1984

9) Oh Bondage Up Yours, X-Ray Spex, 7", Virgin, 1977

10) Reuters, Wire, Pink Flag, Harvest, 1977

11) This Perfect Day, The Saints, 7", EMI, 1977

12) Digital Tenderness, Adam & The Ants, Dirk Wears White Sox, Do It, 1979

13) C30, C60, C90, Go!, Bow Wow Wow, Cassingle, EMI, 1980

14) Christine, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Kaleidoscope, Polydor, 1980

15) Buffalo Gals, Malcolm Mclaren, Duck Rock, Charisma, 1983

16) Public Image, Public Image Ltd, Public Image, Virgin, 1979

Apr 10, 2010

That's enterainment

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1. Desiree, The Left Banke, The Left Banke Too, Smash, 1967

2. Holy Are You, The Electric Prunes, Release Of An Oath, Reprise, 1968

3. The Green Manalishi, Fleetwood Mac, Jumping At Shadows, CBS, 1968

4. Rag momma rag, The Band, The Band, Capitol, 1969

5. Popcorn (original), Gershon Kingsley, Music To Moog By, Audio Fidelity, 1969

6. The World's Strongest Man, Scott Walker, Scott 4, Phillips, 1969

7. Jesus, The Velvet Underground, The Velvet Underground, Verve, 1969

8. Short People, Randy Newman, Little Criminals, Warner, 1970

9. Nature's Way, Spirit, The 12 Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus, Epic, 1970

10. By the light of the magical moon, Tyrannosaurus Rex, A Beard of Stars, Regal
Zonophone, 1970

11. Rock And Roll All Nite, Kiss, Dressed to Kill, Casablanca, 1975

12. Blitzkrieg Bop, The Ramones, Ramones, Sire, 1976

13. Peg, Steely Dan, Aja, ABC, 1977

14. Cheree, Suicide, Suicide, Red Star, 1977

15. California Uber Alles, Dead Kennedys, Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables,
Alternative Tentacles, 1980

16. Coup d Etat, Circle Jerks, Golden Shower Of Hits, Allegiance, 1983

17. I Wanna Be Your Lover, Yo La Tengo, I'm Not There, Matador, 2007

Apr 3, 2010


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1. Mud In Your Eye, Les Fleur De Lys, Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond, 1966

2. We Do Wie Du, Monks, Black Monk Time, 1966

3. A Minha Menina, Os Mutantes, Os Mutantes, 1968

4. Man On Box, Audience, Audience, 1969

5. House of the King, Focus, In and Out of Focus, 1970

6. Do It, The Pink Fairies, 7", 1971

7. So Far, Faust, So Far, 1972

8. Ants In My Pants, James Brown, 7", 1972

9. Fencewalk, Mandrill, Composite Truth, 1972

10. Money Runner, Quincy Jones, Funk On Film, 1972

11. Cum On Feel The Noize, Slade, Sladest, 1973

12. Wasteland, The Jam, Setting Sons, 1979

13. Christine, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Kaleidoscope, 1980

14. Consolation Prize, Orange Juice, You Can't Hide Your Love Forever, 1982