Aug 25, 2012

George Gallacher 1944-2012

George Gallacher, singer with the Scottish freak beat band The Poets, passed today. Farewell

Post-Pub Rock

The Hope and Anchor: The spiritual home of pub rock

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This week, we listen to Post-Pub Rock. But is it music to listen to after coming home from the pub, rock and roll that came out in the wake of Pub Rock or a synthesis of Pub Rock and Post Rock? You decide. (Clue: not the last one.) Thanks to Steve Eastty, Ross Fall, Adam Leroy, Gareth Meredith, Gary Blake, Alex Mazonowicz, Dirk Vermeiren, Ben Reed Colin Sutcliffe and David O'Byrne for suggestions.
  1. Unknown Number    Brinsley Schwarz    Silver Pistol    United Artists    1972
  2. Roxette    Dr. Feelgood    Down By The Jetty    United Artists    1975
  3. Little Girl     The Banned    Little Girl 7"    Harvest    1977
  4. Little Does She Know    Kursaal Flyers    The Golden Mile    CBS    1976
  5. Do Anything You Wanna Do    Eddie & The Hot Rods    Life on the Line    Island    1977
  6. Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll    Ian Dury & The Blockheads    7"    Stiff    1977
  7. No more heroes    The Stranglers    No More Heroes    United Artists    1977
  8. Dancing The Night Away    The Motors    Dancing the Night Away 7"    Virgin     1977
  9. Black Betty    Ram Jam    Black Betty 7"    TruckStar    1977
  10. Spanish Stroll     Mink De Ville    Cabretta    Capitol    1977
  11. Lust For Life    Iggy Pop    Lust For Life    RCA    1977
  12. Pump It Up    Elvis Costello & The Attractions    This Year's Model    Radar    1978
  13. Up Against The Wall     The Tom Robinson Band    Up Against the Wall 7"    EMI    1978
  14. Emergency     999    999    United Artists    1977
  15. The Strange Boutique     The Monochrome Set    The Strange Boutique 7"    DinDisc    1980
  16. Echo Beach     Martha & The Muffins    Echo Beach 7"    DinDisc    1980

Aug 18, 2012


 Eddie Cochran & Gene Vincent

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The key word this week is white (surprise, surprise). A rebel rousing live version of White Lightnin' kicks off the programme, quickly followed by a country flavoured triple bill, through some 60s freak music and ending up with some raucous noise.
  1. White Lightnin'    Eddie Cochran & Gene Vincent    Boy Meets Girl    Recorded on 27th of February    1960
  2. White Freight Liner Blues    Townes Van Zandt    Live at the Old Quarter, Houston, Texas    Tomato    1977
  3. White Light    Gene Clark    White Light    A&M    1971
  4. White Line Fever    Merle Haggard    Okie from Muskogee    Capitol    1969
  5. Chinese White    Incredible String Band    The 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion    Elektra    1967
  6. My White Bicycle    Tomorrow    7"    Parlophone    1967
  7. The White Ship    H.P. Lovecraft    H.P. Lovecraft    Phillips    1967
  8. A Whiter Shade of Pale    Procol Harem    7"    Deram    1967
  9. Life Is White    Big Star    Radio City    Ardent    1973
  10. White Light/White Heat    The Velvet Underground    White Light/White Heat    Verve    1968
  11. White Room    Cream    Wheels of Fire    Polydor    1968
  12. White Jam    Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band    The Spotlight Kid    Reprise    1972
  13. All White    Soft Machine    6    CBS    1973
  14. White Overalls    La Düsseldorf    Viva    Teldec    1978
  15. White Kross    Sonic Youth    Sister    SST    1987
  16. Lily White Hands    The Gossip    Arkansas Heat    Kill Rock Stars    2002

Scott McKenzie 1939-2012

Scott McKenzie RIP

Aug 11, 2012



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The key word for this week's programme is black, from Afro-music to Chicago noise via Brazilian Tropicalia.    
  1. Dressed In Black    The Pussycats    Dressd in Black 7"    Colombia    1966
  2. Black Ant    Osibisa    Black Ant 7"    Smoke    1971
  3. Black Cobra Pt. 2    Curly Davis & The Uniques    Chains and Black Exhaust    Memphix    2002
  4. Black Sand    Brainticket    Cottonwoodhill    Bellaphon    1971
  5. Big Black Car    Big Star    Third    Ardent    1974
  6. Black Maria    Todd Rundgren    Something/Anything?    Bearsville    1972
  7. Black Country Rock    David Bowie    The Man Who Sold The World    RCA    1972
  8. Black Night    Deep Purple    Black Night 7"    EMI    1970
  9. Black is Beautiful    Marcos Valle    Garra    EMI    1971
  10. Black Sheep Boy    Scott Walker    Scott 2    Phillips    1968
  11. Steak & Black Onions    Rapeman    Two Nuns and a Pack Mule    Touch & Go    1989
  12. Black Heart    Calexico    Feast Of Wire    Quarterstick    2003
  13. Black Carpet Magic    Lilys    Everything Wrong Is Imaginary    Manifesto    2006
  14. Pot Kettle Black    Wilco    Yankee Hotel Foxtrot    Nonesuch    2002

Aug 4, 2012

Tomorrow people

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This week, we look to the immediate future and listen to songs that contain the word "tomorrow." More specifically, the entire play list comprises freak beat, psyche and prog tunes recorded between 1966 and 1971. The exception is Richard Denton and Martin Cook's theme to Tomorrow's World, which was a BBC science and technology programme that aired between 1965 and 2003. I just thought it was too good to miss out.
  1. Tomorrow Never Knows    The Beatles    Revolver    1966    Parlophone
  2. Blow Up    Tomorrow    Blow-Up (OST)     1966    EMI
  3. Train For Tomorrow    The Electric Prunes     The Electric Prunes    1967    Reprise
  4. See What Tomorrow Brings    Michael Condello    Crystal Clear    1967    Scepter
  5. Wait For Tomorrow    The Barracudas    No Matter What You Do 7"    1968    Smash
  6. Will Tomorrow Be The Same    Eclection    Eclection    1968    Elektra
  7. Tomorrow's Sun    The Magic Mixture    This Is the Magic Mixture    1968    Saga
  8. Blues Tomorrow    Abaddon    7"    1969    Golden Voice
  9. Just Forget Tomorrow    Leviathan        1969    Elektra
  10. Today Is Only Yesterdays Tomorrow    Lothar And The Hand People    Space Hymn     1969    Capitol
  11. Tomorrow Never Comes    Paper Bubble    Scenery    1969    Deram
  12. Wait Until Tomorrow    Black Widow    Black Widow    1970    CBS
  13. This Time Tomorrow    The Kinks    Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround    1970    Pye
  14. Tomorrow Morning Brings    Pacific Drift    Pacific Drift    1970    Deram/Nova
  15. This Time Tomorrow    Wishful Thinking    Hiroshima    1971    B&C
  16. Tomorrow's World    Richard Denton And Martin Cook    Tomorrow's World 7"    1980    BC Records & Tapes/Pye