Aug 25, 2012

Post-Pub Rock

The Hope and Anchor: The spiritual home of pub rock

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This week, we listen to Post-Pub Rock. But is it music to listen to after coming home from the pub, rock and roll that came out in the wake of Pub Rock or a synthesis of Pub Rock and Post Rock? You decide. (Clue: not the last one.) Thanks to Steve Eastty, Ross Fall, Adam Leroy, Gareth Meredith, Gary Blake, Alex Mazonowicz, Dirk Vermeiren, Ben Reed Colin Sutcliffe and David O'Byrne for suggestions.
  1. Unknown Number    Brinsley Schwarz    Silver Pistol    United Artists    1972
  2. Roxette    Dr. Feelgood    Down By The Jetty    United Artists    1975
  3. Little Girl     The Banned    Little Girl 7"    Harvest    1977
  4. Little Does She Know    Kursaal Flyers    The Golden Mile    CBS    1976
  5. Do Anything You Wanna Do    Eddie & The Hot Rods    Life on the Line    Island    1977
  6. Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll    Ian Dury & The Blockheads    7"    Stiff    1977
  7. No more heroes    The Stranglers    No More Heroes    United Artists    1977
  8. Dancing The Night Away    The Motors    Dancing the Night Away 7"    Virgin     1977
  9. Black Betty    Ram Jam    Black Betty 7"    TruckStar    1977
  10. Spanish Stroll     Mink De Ville    Cabretta    Capitol    1977
  11. Lust For Life    Iggy Pop    Lust For Life    RCA    1977
  12. Pump It Up    Elvis Costello & The Attractions    This Year's Model    Radar    1978
  13. Up Against The Wall     The Tom Robinson Band    Up Against the Wall 7"    EMI    1978
  14. Emergency     999    999    United Artists    1977
  15. The Strange Boutique     The Monochrome Set    The Strange Boutique 7"    DinDisc    1980
  16. Echo Beach     Martha & The Muffins    Echo Beach 7"    DinDisc    1980

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