May 26, 2012

Literary Allusions

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We don a intellectual air this week as we listen to bands that have taken their names from works of literature or authors. Some notable exception indeed, such as the Doors, Shakespeare's Sister, Heaven 17, Moloko and Campag Velocet, because they're all crap. Part two of this programme will be later in the year.
  1. Venus in Furs    The Velvet Underground    The Velvet Underground Featuring Nico    1967    Verve
  2. Journey To The Centre Of The Mind    The Amboy Dukes    Journey To The Centre Of The Mind    1968    Mainstream
  3. Save Yourself    Soft Machine    The Soft Machine    1968    ABC/Probe
  4. Peg    Steely Dan    Aja    1977    ABC
  5. Big New Priest    The Fall    I Am Kurious Oranj    1988    Beggars Banquet
  6. Cry    The Birthday Party    Prayers On Fire    1981    4AD
  7. The Sad Skinhead    Faust    Faust IV    1973    Virgin
  8. The First Picture Of You    Lotus Eaters    7"    1983    Sylvan
  9. Cattle And Cane    The Go-Betweens    Before Hollywood    1983    Stunn/Rough Trade
  10. Christine    The House Of Love    The House Of Love    1988    Creation
  11. Nag Nag Nag    Cabaret Voltaire    7"    1978    Rough Trade
  12. Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops    Cocteau Twins    Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops 7"    1984    4AD
  13. Lazy Line Painter Jane    Belle & Sebastian    Lazy Line Painter Jane    1997   
  14. Walking On A Dream    Empire Of The Sun    Walking On A Dream    2008    EMI

May 19, 2012

Talking loud


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We were walking last week (metaphorically and literally) and so this we we are talking. There are some absolutely glaring omissions, as there were last week, but so what – this my programme. We also pay tribute to two musicians that have gone on before us: Donna Summer and Donald Dunn. Farewell.
  1. Sweet Talkin' Guy    The Chiffons    7"    1963    Laurie
  2. I'm Afraid They're All Talking About Me    Dawn    One Kiss Can Lead To Another: Girl Group Sounds, Lost And Found - Disc 4    2005    Rhino
  3. Talk to me    Al Green    Green is Blues    1969    Hi
  4. Small Town Talk    Bobby Charles    Bobby Charles     1972    Bearsville
  5. Talk Talk    The Music Machine    Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era, Vol. 2    1966    Rhino
  6. Let's Talk About Girls    The Chocolate Watch Band    No Way Out...Plus    1967
  7. Don't talk (put you head on my shoulder)    The Beach Boys    Pet Sounds    1966    Capitol
  8. We Can Talk    The Band    Music From Big Pink    1968    Capitol
  9. Some Candy Talking    The Jesus & Mary Chain    Darklands    1987    Blanco Y Negro
  10. Talkin' about the good times    The Pretty Things    S.F. Sorrow Is Born    1968    Columbia
  11. Everybody's Talking    Harry Nilsson    Midnight Cowboy    1969    United Artists
  12. Talk About The Weather    Red Lorry Yellow Lorry    Talk About The Weather    1985    Red Rhino
  13. Mothers Talk    Tears for Fears    Songs from the Big Chair    1985    Phonogram
  14. Talk Talk    Talk Talk    The Party's Over    1982    EMI
  15. Talking Loud And Clear    Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark    Junk Culture    1984    Virgin
  16. I Feel Love    Donna Summer    I feel Love    1977    Casablanca
  17. Time Is Tight    Booker T & The MG's    Up Tight    1968    Stax 

May 12, 2012

Walk On By


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My son, young Master Johns, is taking his first few tentative steps. This joyous moment has quickly turned into yet more opportunities for him to injure himself or break stuff. Here are minutes of songs with walking in the title. No Nancy Sinatra of Dione Warwick – so there.
  1. The Soul City Walk    Archie Bell & The Drells    Dance Your Troubles Away    1976    TSOP
  2. Walk Away Renee    The Left Banke    7"    1966    Smash
  3. Long Walking Down to Misery    The Beau Brummels    Bradley's Barn    1968    Warner
  4. Gotta Walk Alone    Willie Nelson    Country Music    2010    Rounder
  5. I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind    Vashti Bunyan    Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind    2007    Decca
  6. Walking in the sea    Eden Rose    On the Way to Eden    1969    Katema
  7. Walking throuh my dreams    The Pretty Things    S.F. Sorrow Is Born    1968    Columbia
  8. Sleepwalker's timeless bridge    Amon Düül II    Wolf City    1972    United Artists
  9. Takin' A Walk    Elephants Memory    Songs From Midnight Cowboy Plus...    2006    Buddah
  10. Widow's Walk    Van Dyke Parks    Song Cycle    1968    Warner
  11. Walking Distance    Buzzcocks    Love Bites    1978    United Artists
  12. Walkabout    Throbbing Gristle    20 Jazz Funk Greats    1978    Industrial
  13. Walkin' With Jesus    Spacemen 3    The Perfect Prescription    1987    Fire
  14. Walking On A Dream    Empire Of The Sun    Walking On A Dream    2008    EMI
  15. Eastern Standard Time    The Skatalites    The Skatalite!    1969    Treasure Isle

May 5, 2012

Pick of Season Seven

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A week late – but better than never – is the pick of season seven of Tighten Up. That's 171 programmes. Here are some of the tracks that didn't quite make it onto the previous season's play lists and a few tracks that have been rocking Johns Towers for the past 26 weeks. We also pay tribute to two great musicians that have gone before us: Davey Jones, singer of The Monkees, and Adam Yauch, bass player with The Beastie Boys. Farewell.
  1. Do The Du    A Certain Ratio    12"    1981    Factory
  2. I Hate Nerys Hughes (From the Heart)    Half Man Half Biscuit    Back in the DHSS    1986    Probe Plus
  3. Falling In Love    American Spring    It's Not That Bad    1973    Columbia
  4. Miss California Toothpaste 1972    Biff Bang Pow!    Love Is Forever    1988    Creation
  5. Put Away    The Fall    The Complete Peel Sessions [Disc 1]    1978    Strange Fruit
  6. Laugh Till You Cry Live Till You Die    Can    Flow Motion    1976    Virgin
  7. Dead    Pixies    Doolittle    1989     4AD
  8. Cry Me A River    Davy Graham    The Guitar Player    1963    Golden Guinea
  9. Watchin' You    Brainticket    Psychonaut    1971    Bellaphon
  10. Uptown Top Rankin    Althea & Donna    7"    1977    Lightning
  11. Lonely Boy    Nirvana    The Story of Simon Simopath    1967    Island
  12. All or Nothing    The Small Faces    From the Beginning    1967    Immediate
  13. St. Vitus Dance    Black Sabbath    Vol.4    1972    Vertigo
  14. Bought And Sold    Rory Gallagher    Against The Grain    1975    Chrysalis
  15. Interzone    Joy Division    Unknown Pleasures    1979    Factory
  16. A little bit me a little bit you    The Monkees    7"    1967    Colgems
  17. Root Down    Beastie Boys    Ill Communication    1994    Grand Royal