Jan 31, 2015

Demise Roussos

We were saddened to learn of the demise of Demis Roussos (above centre) this past week. And so we've scoured the Internet for literally minutes to find the finest Greek psychedelia, progressive rock and various other oddities. Excuse the woeful pronunciation and translations, but do enjoy an hour of wailing solos and even wailier singing. Parakalo!   
  1. Excerpt from “Abigail's Party”                      
  2. Mandjourano's Shake, The Forminx, With The Forminx, 1968
  3. Life is a Dream, George Romanos, Two Little Blue Horses, 1970, Zodiac
  4. Garyfalle, Garyfalle, Peloma Bokiou, Garyfalle, Garyfalle, 7", 1970, Lyra
  5. Interval, Dionysis Savvopoulos, Ballos, 1971, Lyra
  6. Come my Sun!, Poll, Anthrope Agapa 7", 1971, Polydor
  7. Endless Fields, Kostas Tournas, Aperanta Xorafia, 1972, Polydor
  8. Live In The Country, Socrates, Socrates Drank The Conium, 1972, Polygram
  9. Give Me Your Hand, Νοstradamos, 7", 1972, Zodiac
  10. The More Good Singer, Kostas Tournas, 1973       
  11. The Magi, Peloma Bokiou, The Μagi, 1973,Lyra
  12. Come On, Vangelis, Earth, 1973, Vertigo
  13. Powder Stones Mud, Dimitris Poulikakos & Exadaktylos, 7", 1975, Zodiac
  14. The Mechanism, Nikolas Asimos, O Mhxanismos 7", 1975, Zodiac
  15. Metamorphic, The 4 Levels of Existence, The 4 Levels of Existence, 1976, Venus
  16. Stuck, Iraklis Triantafillidis, 1984 
  17.  The Four Horsemen, Aphrodite's Child, 666, 1972, Vertigo

Jan 24, 2015


Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmuzik"

The music of the night this week. 
  1. Here Comes The Night, The Beach Boys, Wild Honey, 1967, Capitol
  2. Piccadilly Night Ride, Alan Hawkshaw, Soul Organ Showcase, 1968, KPM
  3. Good Night, The Beatles, The White Album ,1968,            Apple
  4. Through The Morning, Through The Night, Dillard & Clark, The Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard & Clark, 1969, A&M
  5. Midnight Cowboy, Elephants Memory, Songs From Midnight Cowboy, 1969, Buddah
  6. On A Lonely Night, Dear Mr Time, Grandfather, 1970, Square
  7. Circle of the Night, Bread, Love & Dreams, Amaryllis, 1971, Decca
  8. Night Clouded Moon, Diabolus, High Tones, 1971, Bellaphon
  9. One More Night, Can, Ege Bamyasi, 1972, United Artists
  10. Nightime, Big Star, Third (1 - This Side), 1975, Ardent
  11. Everything Merges with the Night, Brian Eno, Another Green World, 1975, Island
  12. School At Night (Lullaby Music Box), Goblin, Profondo Rosso, 1975, Cinevox
  13. Friday Night, Dennis Wilson, Pacific Ocean Blue, 1977, Caribou
  14. Tropical Hot Dog Night, Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band, Shiny Beast, 1978, Warner
  15. Moscow Nights, The Feelies, Crazy Rhythms, 1980, Stiff

Jan 17, 2015

Be free

The sounds of freedom. 
  1. Chimes of Freedom   The Byrds      Mr Tambourine Man     1965   Columbia
  2. I Wanna Be Free (Fast Version)   The Monkees The Monkees - Deluxe Edition   2006   Rhino
  3. Stone Free      Jimi Hendrix  Hey Joe 7"      1966   Polydor
  4. I Feel Free      Cream Fresh Cream  1966   Reaction
  5. People Got To Be Free          The Young Rascals    7"        1968   Atlantic
  6. I'm Set Free   The Velvet Underground     The Velvet Underground     1969   Verve
  7. Got To Be Free    The Kinks       Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround  1970   Pye
  8. Right On Be Free       The Voices Of East Harlem   Right On Be Free       1970   Elektra
  9. Free Again      Alex Chilton   1970   1996   Ardent
  10. Free Ride        Nick Drake     Pink Moon      1972   Island
  11. Free Tarrant  Roy Budd       The Black Windmill (OST)   1974   Cinemfile
  12. Cor Baby That's Really Free John Otway   John Otway and Wild Willie Barrett   1977  Polydor
  13. Where's The Freedom?        Subhumans   From The Cradle To The Grave       1983   Bluurg
  14. Set Me Free/I've Got The Key    Spacemen 3   Recurring       2000   Fire
  15. Bubble Gum   Kim Fowley    Outrageous    1969   Imperial

Jan 10, 2015

Proper Charlies

Charlies of music. 
  1. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat           Charles Mingus         Mingus Ah Um           1959   Columbia
  2. What'd I Say (Part 1)           Ray Charles    7"        1959   Atlantic
  3. La Bohème     Charles Aznavour      7"        1965   Barclay
  4. Take It Easy My Brother Charles    Jorge Ben       Big Ben           1965   Phillips
  5. Bakai   Archie Shepp The Way Ahead         1968   Impulse!
  6. Sympathy For The Devil       The Rolling Stones    Beggars Banquet       1968   Decca
  7. Right On Be Free       The Voices Of East Harlem   Right On Be Free       1970   Elektra
  8. Seven Days Too Long            Chuck Wood  7"        1971   Mojo
  9. Warming Up The Band        Head Hands & Feet   Warmin Up the Band           1971   Capitol
  10. I Must Be In A Good Place Now       Bobby Charles           Bobby Charles           1972   Bearsville
  11. Rimp Romp Ramp     This Heat        Made Available: The John Peel Sessions    1977   Strange Fruit
  12. Where Is My Mind?  The Pixies      Surfer Rosa    1988   4AD