Jan 24, 2015


Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmuzik"

The music of the night this week. 
  1. Here Comes The Night, The Beach Boys, Wild Honey, 1967, Capitol
  2. Piccadilly Night Ride, Alan Hawkshaw, Soul Organ Showcase, 1968, KPM
  3. Good Night, The Beatles, The White Album ,1968,            Apple
  4. Through The Morning, Through The Night, Dillard & Clark, The Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard & Clark, 1969, A&M
  5. Midnight Cowboy, Elephants Memory, Songs From Midnight Cowboy, 1969, Buddah
  6. On A Lonely Night, Dear Mr Time, Grandfather, 1970, Square
  7. Circle of the Night, Bread, Love & Dreams, Amaryllis, 1971, Decca
  8. Night Clouded Moon, Diabolus, High Tones, 1971, Bellaphon
  9. One More Night, Can, Ege Bamyasi, 1972, United Artists
  10. Nightime, Big Star, Third (1 - This Side), 1975, Ardent
  11. Everything Merges with the Night, Brian Eno, Another Green World, 1975, Island
  12. School At Night (Lullaby Music Box), Goblin, Profondo Rosso, 1975, Cinevox
  13. Friday Night, Dennis Wilson, Pacific Ocean Blue, 1977, Caribou
  14. Tropical Hot Dog Night, Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band, Shiny Beast, 1978, Warner
  15. Moscow Nights, The Feelies, Crazy Rhythms, 1980, Stiff

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