Mar 26, 2011

Another good reason to hate Digiturk

With absolutely no thanks to digital TV provider Digiturk, we're back with the blog.

In short, a Turkish blogger was using blogspot to link to live coverage of Turkish football. Digiturk owns the broadcast rights to the Turkish premier league so of course they took out an injunction against all blogs.


Mar 25, 2011


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There is nothing to say this week, so here is a programme of some of my favourite instrumental music. Highlights are a moment from Jan Akkerman's early career as a jobbing guitar man, a classic Meters cut, a tune from David Axelrod/The Electric Prunes' Release of an Oath and a Soft Machine workout.
  1. Don't Stop The Carnival, Davy Graham, The Guitar Player, 1963, Golden Guinea
  2. Pet sounds, The Beach Boys, Pet Sounds, 1966, Capitol
  3. Revival Of The Cat, Jan Akkerman, Talent For Sale, 1968, EMI
  4. Holy Thursday, The Electric Prunes, Release Of An Oath, 1968, Reprise
  5. Sissy Strut, The Meters, Look A-Py-Py, 1969, Josie
  6. Reflections Of Yesterday, The Three Degrees, What I See 7", 1970, Neptune
  7. Nuclear Weapon, Ansel Collins, 7", 1971, Trojan
  8. Afro strut, The Nite-Liters, Instrumental Directions, 1972, RCA Victor
  9. The Family, Mr Brooks, Gather in the Mushrooms, 2004, Transatlantic
  10. Nettle bed, Soft Machine, 7, 1973, CBS
  11. Trespasser, Bad Medicine, Trespasser 7", 1974, Enyx
  12. Walking Distance, Buzzcocks, Love Bites, 1978, United Artists
  13. Old Lystra, Polvo, Celebrate The New Dark Age, 1994, Merge
  14. Six Pack, Tortoise, Standards, 2001, Thrill Jockey
  15. King's Evil, Imitation Electric Piano, Trinity Neon, 2002, Duophonic/Drag City
  16. Northumberland West, The Sadies, Favourite Colours, 2004, Outside
  17. Tombahead, Baikonour, Your Ear Knows Future, 2008, Melodic

Mar 19, 2011


Ibrahim Tatlises: Sweet voice name, sweet voice by nature

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In honour of Ibrahim Tatlises (aka. Abraham Sweetvoice), who was savagely gunned down as he left a television studio this week, we present 50 minutes of songs about rock and roll's turbulent relationship with guns.

Ibrahim Tatlises is a national treasure; a singer, an entertainer, a heart throb; a man who paid someone to kneecap his ex-wife and who's last text message before he was shot in the head was to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan. Apparently, he has miraculously awoken, and what was the first thing he asked for? Raw liver. Now that – Lady-Gaga-my-arse – is what I call a star!
  1. What's Going On, Marvin Gaye, What's Going On, , Motown
  2. Midnight Special, Leadbelly, Classic Railroad Songs from Smithsonian Folkways, 1934, Folkways
  3. Be My Baby, The Ronettes, 7", 1963, Philles
  4. Shot down, The Sonics, 7", 1965, Etiquette
  5. Tomorrow Never Knows, The Beatles, Revolver, 1966, Parlophone
  6. The Daily Planet, Love, Forever Changes, 1967, Elektra
  7. Journey To The Centre Of The Mind, The Amboy Dukes, Journey To The Centre Of The Mind, 1968, Mainstream
  8. Happiness Is A Warm Gun, The Beatles, The White Album, 1968, Apple
  9. You Ain't Going Nowhere, The Byrds, Sweetheart Of The Rodeo, 1968, Columbia
  10. John The Gun, Sandy Denny, The North Star Grassman and The Ravens, 1971, Island
  11. Running Gun Blues, David Bowie, The Man Who Sold The World, 1972, RCA
  12. Shotgun Willie, Willie Nelson, Shotgun Willie, 1973, Atlantic
  13. Killer Without a Cause, Thin Lizzy, Bad Reputation, 1977, Vertigo
  14. Shot By Both Sides, Magazine, Real Life, 1978, Virgin
  15. Digital Tenderness, Adam & The Ants, Dirk Wears White Sox, 1979, Do It
  16. Jawbone And The Air-Rifle, The Fall, Hex Enduction Hour, 1982, Rough Trade
  17. Bikini girls with machine guns, The Cramps, Stay Sick!, 1989, Enigma
  18. Sliver, Nirvana US, Incesticide, 1990, Sub Pop

Mar 12, 2011

Electronic interference

The Wasp synthesiser. It was made of plastic and looked like a wasp.

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Very simply, 50 minutes of songs with a twist of electronics. From Delia Derbyshire's forray into surreal psychedelia in Whitenoise, through some electronic giants such Eno and Kraftwerk to a la mode LCD Soundsystem.
  1. Tomorrow's world, John Baker, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Rough Trade
  2. Love Without Sound, White Noise, An Electric Storm, 1969, Island
  3. Areknamess, Franco Battiato, Pollution, 1972, Bia Bia
  4. St. Elmo's Fire, Brian Eno, Another Green World, 1975, Island
  5. Hot on the Heels of Love, Throbbing Gristle, 20 Jazz Funk Greats, 1979, Industrial
  6. Bostich, Yello, Solid Pleasure, 1980, Ralph
  7. Computer World, Kraftwerk, Computer World, 1981, Capitol
  8. Six Pack, Tortoise, Standards, 2001, Thrill Jockey
  9. One With The Freaks, The Notwist, Neo Golden, 2002, Virgin
  10. Winning a Battle, Losing the War, Minizza
  11. Nonsense, Komeda, Kokomemedada, 2003, Sonet
  12. Too Much Love, LCD Soundsystem, LCD Soundsystem, 2005, DFA
  13. The Perfect Me, Deerhoof, Friend Opportunity, 2007, Kill Rock Stars
  14. Electric Feel, MGMT, Oracular Spectacular, 2007, CBS
  15. Walking On A Dream, Empire Of The Sun, Walking On A Dream, 2008, EMI

Mar 5, 2011

The theme is the theme

The great Ron Grainer

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Last week, we listened to the world of children's TV themes. This week, we listen past the watershed. Some heavyweights of the theme world are represented in the play list, such as Tony Hatch, who wrote the theme tunes to Neighbours and Crossroads, and Quincy Jones, who produced Thriller.
  1. Johnny Todd (Z Cars), John Keating and his Orchestra, 1962, BBC
  2. Ironside, Quincy Jones, 1967, NBC
  3. The Champions, Tony Hatch and His Orchestra, 1968, ITC
  4. Light Flight, Pentangle, Basket Of Light, 1969, Transatlantic
  5. Department S, The Cyril Stapleton Orchestra, , 1969, ATV
  6. Studio 69 (theme from Dave Allen at Large), Alan Hawkshaw, The Big Beat, 1969, KPM
  7. Stone Fox Chase (theme to the Old Grey Whistle Test), Area Code 615, Area Code 615, 1969, BBC
  8. Jam for World In Action, Jonathon Weston/Shawn Phillips, ITV
  9. Heavy Action (theme from Superstars), Johnny Pearson, 1973, BBC
  10. The Rockford Files, Mike Post, 1974, NBC
  11. Whicker's World, BBC
  12. The New Avengers, Laurie Johnson, 1976, ITV
  13. The Professionals, Laurie Johnson, 1977, LWT
  14. The Return Of The Saint, John Scott, 1978, ITV
  15. Tales Of The Unexpected, Ron Grainer, 1979, Anglia
  16. Chase Side Shoot Up (theme to the Golf), Brian Bennett, 1980, BBC
  17. Darts theme, BBC
  18. Drag Racer, The Douglas Wood Group, 1982, BBC
  19. Main Title, Greenhouse, Ron Goodwin, This Island Earth (Day Of The Triffids), 1981, BBC
  20. Tomorrow's World Theme, Richard Denton And Martin Cook, , , BBC