Mar 30, 2013

Man songs

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As a riposte to the programme about women, here is a playlist of songs about men. Most of the songs come from an era in which manliness and music were under close scrutiny, and the results are inconclusive.
  1. I'm A Man (Bo Diddly)    The Yardbirds    Five Live Yardbirds    1964    Colombia
  2. When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)    The Beach Boys    The Beach Boys Today!    1965    Capitol
  3. Midnight To Six Man    The Pretty Things    Midnight To Six Man 7"    1966    Fontana
  4. Painter Man    The Creation    We Are Painter Men    1967    Hit-Ton
  5. I'm A Man    The Spencer Davis Group    7"    1967    Fontana
  6. Indian Rope Man    Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity    Streetnoise    1969    Marmalade
  7. Magic Man (Mono)    Caravan    Caravan    1969    Verve
  8. Laughing Man    Bill Fay    Time of the Last Persecution    1971    Deram
  9. No Man's Land    Syd Barrett    The Madcap Laughs    1970    Harvest
  10. Yesterday Man     Robert Wyatt    Yesterday Man 7"    1974    Virgin
  11. Man is not a bird    Broadcast    Ha Ha Sound    2003    Warp
  12. Tailor Man (Bonus)    The United States Of America    The United States Of America    1967    CBS
  13. Tango Whiskeyman    Can    Soundtracks    1970    Liberty
  14. Hey Man    Spacemen 3    Sound Of Confusion    1986    Fire
  15. The World's Strongest Man    Scott Walker    Scott 4    1969    Phillips
  16. Secret Agent Man    Johnny Rivers    Secret Agent Man 7"    1966    Imperial
  17. This Charming Man    The Smiths    The Smiths    1984    Rough Trade

Mar 23, 2013

Men on women

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Due to a technical cock-up, this programme was intended for broadcast to coincide with international women's, here instead is an impotent playlist of songs about women sung by men, to contrast with the show of songs about women sung by men.
  1. Kind Hearted Woman Blues    Robert Johnson    78 rpm    1936    Vocalion
  2. Psychedelic Woman    Honny & The Bees Band    Ghana Soundz    2002    Soundway
  3. Put That Woman Down    John Leach    7"    1965    Lawn
  4. Moody Woman    Jerry Butler    7"    1969    Mercury
  5. Action Woman    The Litter    7"    1967    Scotty
  6. Cellophane Woman    The Sopwith Camel    The Sopwith Camel    1967    Kama Sutra
  7. Dark-Eyed Woman    Spirit    Clear    1969    Epic
  8. Mountain Woman    The Kinks    Muswell Hillbillies    1971    Pye
  9. Kentucky Woman    Neil Diamond    7"    1967    Bang
  10. Do Right Woman    The Flying Burrito Brothers    The Gilded Palace Of Sin    1969    A&M
  11. Soulful Woman (bonus track)    Sir Douglas Quintet    Sir Douglas Quintet + 2 = [Honkey Blues]    1968    Smash
  12. Oh Woman, Oh Why    Paul McCartney    Ram    1971    Apple
  13. Sossity, You're A Woman    Jethro Tull    Benefit     1970    Island
  14. Nowadays A Woman's Gotta' Hit A Man    Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band    Clear Spot    1972    Reprise
  15. Obirin African (Woman of Africa)    Afro-Drum Ensemble/Art Blakey    The African Beat    1962    Blue Note
  16. A Woman Like You    Bert Jansch    Birthday Blues    1969    Transatlantic

Mar 16, 2013


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This week we celebrate the Kurdish new year Newroz with some key words provided by Mrs Johns who is off down to the southeast to cover the events. We also close the programme with a tribute to Alvin Lee, the guitarist of Ten Years After, who sadly passed this week. Farewell.
  1. New Rose    The Damned    Damned Damned Damned    1977    Stiff
  2. The Fire    Television    Adventure    1978    Elektra
  3. St. Elmo's Fire    Brian Eno    Another Green World    1975    Island
  4. Jump into the Fire    Harry Nilsson    Nilsson Schmilsson    1971    RCA
  5. Vehicle    The Ides Of March    Tour Of Duty 3        
  6. Ides Of March    John Cale & Terry Riley    Church Of Anthrax    1970    Columbia
  7. Do The March    George & Greer    The Goldwax Story. Vol.03        Kent - 335
  8. Marching there and back (theme to Screentest)    Syd Dale    TV Themes    1970    
  9. The Old Spring Town    The High Llamas    Can Cladders    2007    Duophonic
  10. Springtime Promises    Pentangle    Basket Of Light    1969    Transatlantic
  11. Silver Springs    Fleetwood Mac    Rumours [Expanded & Remastered] CD1    2004    
  12. Falling In Love    American Spring    It's Not That Bad    1973    Columbia
  13. Spring any day now    Fred Frith    Gravity    1980    Ralph
  14. Hear Me Calling [Single Version]    Ten Years After    Hear Me Calling 7"    1969    Decca

Mar 9, 2013

Bang the drum

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We're down in the dumps today and so we're listening to the same old blues again. Well, we're not actually depressed, but we are listening to playlist with blue as a theme.
  1. Blue Bones    John Renbourn    John Renbourn    1965    Transatlantic
  2. Blues For The Muse    Incredible String Band    The 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion    1967    Elektra
  3. Blues Tomorrow    Abaddon    7"    1969    Golden Voice
  4. Blue Wednesday Speaks    Abstract Truth    Totum    1971   
  5. Blue Ridge Mountains    Townes Van Zandt    High, Low and In Between    1972    Tomato
  6. Blue Jeans And Moonbreams    Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band    Blue Jeans And Moonbeams    1974    Virgin
  7. Blue Rosebuds    The Residents    Duck Stab/Buster & Glen    1977    Ralph
  8. Blue Thunder    Galaxie 500    On Fire    1989    Rough Trade
  9. Blue Rhythm Festival    Piero Piccioni    Easy Tempo Vol. 1:  A Cinematic Easy Listening Experience    1997    Easy Tempo
  10. Blue Monday    New Order    Blue Monday 12"    2001   
  11. Blue Note    Alan Hawkshaw    Mo'Hawk    2003    KPM
  12. Blue Honey    Pop Levi    The Return To Form Black Magick Party    2007    Counter
  13. Why Are We Sleeping?    Soft Machine    The Soft Machine    1968    ABC/Probe

Mar 2, 2013

On the Run

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On the run this week through the annals of my record collection. Have we done this programme before? I think the song On the Run used a VCS3 pictured above. If not, here's a cool picture of a VCS3.
  1. Run For Your Life    The Beatles    Rubber Soul    Parlophone    1965 
  2. Blues Run The Game    Jackson C Frank    Jackson C Frank    Columbia    1965 
  3. Keep On Running    The Spencer Davis Group    Keep On Running 7"    Fontana    1965 
  4. Run Run Run    The Who    A Quick One    Reaction    1966 
  5. Running, Jumping, Standing Still    Spider John Koerner    Running, Jumping, Standing Still    Elektra    1967 
  6. Run Run Run    The Velvet Underground    White Light White Heat    Verve    1967 
  7. I'm Gonna Run Away From You    Tami Lynn    7"    Atlantic    1971 
  8. Running Gun Blues    David Bowie    The Man Who Sold The World    RCA    1972 
  9. Money Runner    Quincy Jones    Dollars (OST)    Polydor    1972 
  10. Long Distance Runaround    Yes    Fragile    Atlantic    1972 
  11. On The Run    Pink Floyd    Dark Side of the Moon    EMI    1973 
  12. I'll Come Running    Brian Eno    Another Green World    Island    1975 
  13. Running Back    Thin Lizzy    Jailbreak    Vertigo    1976 
  14. Run Paint Run Run    Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band    Doc at the Radar Station    Virgin    1980 
  15. Runaways    XTC    English Settlement    Virgin    1982 
  16. Run    Spiritualized    Lazer Guided Melodies    Dedicated    1992 
  17. Ridge runner reel    The Sadies    tremendous efforts    Bloodshot    2001