Mar 30, 2013

Man songs

If the audio stops playing, press stop and allow time for the stream to load.

As a riposte to the programme about women, here is a playlist of songs about men. Most of the songs come from an era in which manliness and music were under close scrutiny, and the results are inconclusive.
  1. I'm A Man (Bo Diddly)    The Yardbirds    Five Live Yardbirds    1964    Colombia
  2. When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)    The Beach Boys    The Beach Boys Today!    1965    Capitol
  3. Midnight To Six Man    The Pretty Things    Midnight To Six Man 7"    1966    Fontana
  4. Painter Man    The Creation    We Are Painter Men    1967    Hit-Ton
  5. I'm A Man    The Spencer Davis Group    7"    1967    Fontana
  6. Indian Rope Man    Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity    Streetnoise    1969    Marmalade
  7. Magic Man (Mono)    Caravan    Caravan    1969    Verve
  8. Laughing Man    Bill Fay    Time of the Last Persecution    1971    Deram
  9. No Man's Land    Syd Barrett    The Madcap Laughs    1970    Harvest
  10. Yesterday Man     Robert Wyatt    Yesterday Man 7"    1974    Virgin
  11. Man is not a bird    Broadcast    Ha Ha Sound    2003    Warp
  12. Tailor Man (Bonus)    The United States Of America    The United States Of America    1967    CBS
  13. Tango Whiskeyman    Can    Soundtracks    1970    Liberty
  14. Hey Man    Spacemen 3    Sound Of Confusion    1986    Fire
  15. The World's Strongest Man    Scott Walker    Scott 4    1969    Phillips
  16. Secret Agent Man    Johnny Rivers    Secret Agent Man 7"    1966    Imperial
  17. This Charming Man    The Smiths    The Smiths    1984    Rough Trade

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