Feb 27, 2011

No strings attached

Theme tune legend Barry Gray

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In response to the spreading rebellion and revolution on the Middle East and North Africa, here are 50 minutes of weird tunes from children's TV shows. Some genuinely bizarre and inventive music, often only lasting a few seconds. We begin tonights programme with the theme tune to Captain Pugwash. And no, there were no characters called Seaman Staines or Master Bates.
  1. The Trumpet Hornpipe (theme to Captain Pugwash), Tom Edmundson and Philip Lane Incidental, 1957
  2. Dr. Who, Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, 1963
  3. Magic Roundabout, Alain Legrand
  4. The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, Robert Mellin and Gian Piero Reverberi, 1965
  5. Hector's House, 1965
  6. Linus and Lucy, Vince Guaraldi Trio, A Charlie Brown Christmas, 1965
  7. Camberwick Green, Freddie Phillips, 1966
  8. Captain Scarlet (Vocal End Credits), The Barry Gray Orchestra, 1967
  9. Acka Raga (theme to Ask The Family), John Mayer, 1967
  10. Pugh, Pugh, Barney Magrew, Freddie Phillips, 1967
  11. The Prisoner (main titles), Ron Grainer, The Music of ITC, Vol. 1 2009
  12. Magpie, Ray Fenwick, 1968
  13. Trumpton Band Stand, Freddie Phillips, 1967
  14. Joe 90 theme, The Barry Gray Orchestra, 1968
  15. Mary, Mungo and Midge, Johnny Pearson, 1969
  16. Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, Trevor Horn, 1976
  17. Marching There and Back (theme to Screentest), Syd Dale, 1970
  18. Bod (Outro), Derek Griffiths, 1975
  19. Busy Boy (theme to Catweazle), Ted Dicks, 1970
  20. UFO, The Barry Gray Orchestra, 1970
  21. Crystal Tipps and Alistair, Paul Reade, 1971
  22. Get On Board, Harry Booth, Melvyn Hayes and Johnny Arthey, Here Comes The Double Deckers, 1970
  23. The Tomorrow People, Dudley Simpson, 1973
  24. Roobarb and Custard, Johnny Hawksworth, 1974
  25. Space 1999, The Barry Gray Orchestra, 1975
  26. The Flumps, George Chisholm, 1976
  27. Chicken Man (theme to Grange Hill), Alan Hawkshaw, 1978
  28. Blake's Seven, Dudley Simpson, 1978
  29. Kick Start, Renate Vaplus, 1979
  30. Willo The Wisp, Tony Kinsey, 1981
  31. Knight Rider, Stu Phillips, 1982

Feb 20, 2011

Going solo

The Han Solo Project with crossbow player Chewbacca

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What happens when your band mates really start to get on your nerves and they wouldn't like the new songs you've written anyway? It's time to go solo. This week, we listen to efforts to break free from the nay-sayers by 15 musicians. Some went on to achieve greater success on their own, some didn't.
  1. Success, Iggy Pop, Lust For Life, 1977, RCA
  2. Vicious, Lou Reed, Transformer, 1972, RCA
  3. I Saw The Light, Todd Rundgren, Something/Anything?, 1972, Bearsville
  4. The Loner, Neil Young, Neil Young, 1968, Reprise
  5. From A Silver Phial, Gene Clark, No Other, 1974, Asylum
  6. Mystifies Me, Ron Wood, I've Got My Own Album to Do, 1974, Warner
  7. My Love, Paul McCartney, Red Rose Speedway, 1973, Apple
  8. The Makings of You, Curtis Mayfield, Curtis, 1970, Curtom
  9. Time, Dennis Wilson, Pacific Ocean Blue, 1977, Caribou
  10. Long Gone, Syd Barrett, The Madcap Laughs, 1970, Harvest
  11. Peaches en Regalia, Frank Zappa, Hot Rats, 1969, Reprise
  12. I Am The Cosmos, Chris Bell, 7", 1975, Car
  13. Everyday is Like Sunday, Morrissey, Bona Drag, 1990, RCA
  14. Something, Sam Prekop, Who's Your New Professor, 2005, Thrill Jockey
  15. Say Something Now, Stuart A. Staples, Lucky Dog Recordings 03–04, 2005, Lucky Dog Recordings

Feb 19, 2011

John Barry tribute

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This week, we celebrate the work of composer John Barry, who sadly passed away. He is best known for his arrangement of the James Bond theme and the subsequent 11 scores he wrote for the Bond series. But he also leaves behind a massive body of work that includes chart singles as well as sound tracks. Here is a selection of my favourites.
  1. The James Bond Theme
  2. Beat For Beatniks, The John Barry Orchestra, 7", 1960, Columbia
  3. The Stripper, The John Barry Seven, Beat Girl (OST), 1960, Columbia
  4. The Ipcress File, The John Barry Orchestra, The Ipcress File (OST), 1965, Decca
  5. Seance on a Wet Afternoon, John Barry, Seance on a Wet Afternnon (OST), 1964, EMI
  6. The Knack... and How to Get It, The John Barry Orchestra, The Knack... and How to Get It (OST), 1965, United Artists
  7. Wednesday's Child, Ray Conif, Quiller Memorandum (OST), 1966, Columbia
  8. Space March (Capsule In Space), The John Barry Orchestra, You Only Live Twice (OST), 1967, United Artists
  9. The Girl With The Sun In Her Hair, John Barry, Music For The Sunslik Commercial, 1967, CBS
  10. Main Title, John Barry, The Lion in Winter (OST), 1968, CBS
  11. Highway 101, The John Barry Orchestra, Petulia (OST), 1968, Warner
  12. Vendetta, John Barry, Vendetta (OST), 1968,
  13. Solo E Triste, John Barry, The Appointment (OST), 1969,
  14. Midnight Cowboy, John Barry, Midnight Cowboy (OST), 1969, United Artists
  15. On Her Majesty's Secret Service, The John Barry Orchestra, On Her Majesty's Secret Service (OST), 1969, EMI
  16. The Unlucky Heroes, The John Barry Orchestra, The Persuaders! (OST), 1971, CBS
  17. Main Titles (Part 1), John Barry, The Last Valley (OST), 1970, Probe
  18. This Way Mary, John Barry, Mary, Queen of Scots (OST), 1972, Universal
  19. We Have All the Time in the World, The John Barry with Louis Armstrong, On Her Majesty's Secret Service (OST), 1969, EMI

Feb 5, 2011


Big Star

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It's the thirteenth programme in the fifth series of TUWSJ. Oddly, I've not thought of this theme before.
  1. Thirteen Women, Bill Haley & His Comets, From The Original Master Tapes, 1954, Cowboy
  2. Thirteen, Mal Waldron feat. Eric Dolphy, The Quest, 1961, Prestige
  3. Thirteen Question Method, Chuck Berry, New Juke-Box Hits, 1961, Chess
  4. Lucky Thirteen, Bert Jansch, It Don't Bother Me, 1965, Transatlantic
  5. Thirteen O'Clock Flight To Psychedelphia, Plato & The Philosophers, New Folder, 1967, Fairyland
  6. Just Thirteen, The Lurkers, 7", 1979, Beggars Banquet
  7. Thirteen Days, J.J. Cale, 5, 1979, MCA
  8. Thirteen, Human League, The Lebannon 7", 1984, Virgin
  9. Thirteen Feelings, Associates, Perhaps, 1985, WEA
  10. Thirteenth Floor Opening, Mudhoney, Piece of Cake, 1992, Reprise
  11. Thirteen Gliding Principles, The Delgados, The Great Eastern, 2000, Chemikal Underground
  12. Thirteen, Johnny Cash, Unearthed, 2003, Universal
  13. Realm Thirteen, Steve Howe, Spectrum, 2005, Inside Out Music
  14. Thirteen Russia, Forward, Russia!, Give Me A Wall, 2006, Dance to the Radio
  15. Thirteen, The Legendary Tiger Man feat Mafalda Nascimento, Femina, 2009, Metrodisc
  16. Thirteen, Big Star, #1 Record, 1972, Ardent