Jan 26, 2013


Jackie Mittoo

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As the winter months drag on and I'm still waking up with the nipper before sunrise, this week's programme is therefore about darkness. But fear not, dear listener, "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" is not on the play list.
  1. Darker Shade of Black    Jackie Mittoo    The Keyboard King at Studio One    Studio 1   
  2. She Darked The Sun    Dillard & Clark    The Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard & Clark    A&M    1968
  3. Dark End Of The Street    The Flying Burrito Brothers    The Gilded Palace Of Sin    A&M    1969
  4. In My Hour Of Darkness    Gram Parsons    Grievous Angel    Reprise    1973
  5. Doctor Dark    Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band    Lick My Decals Off, Baby    Straight    1970
  6. Dark-Eyed Woman    Spirit    Clear    Epic    1969
  7. Powers of Darkness    Ronno    4th Hour of My Sleep 7"    Vertigo    1971
  8. Wait Until Dark    Scott Walker    Scott 2    Phillips    1968
  9. In Dark Trees    Brian Eno    Another Green World    Island    1975
  10. Dark Entries    Bauhaus    1979-1983    Beggars Banquet    1985
  11. Little Miss Queen Of Darkness    The Kinks    Face To Face    Pye    1966
  12. Dark Globe    Syd Barrett    The Madcap Laughs    Harvest    1970
  13. Second Dark Age    The Fall    Early Fall, 1977-1979    Step Forward    1981
  14. Darklands    The Jesus & Mary Chain    Darklands    Blanco Y Negro    1987
  15. Dark in Mind    Biff Bang Pow!    Love Is Forever    Creation    1988
  16. I See A Darkness    Bonnie 'Prince' Billy    I See A Darkness    Drag City    1999

Jan 19, 2013

Family Affair

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It's all about families this week, as we listen to a play list comprising songs with relatives and family in the title.
  1. Family Entertainment    The Undertones    The Undertones    1979    Sire
  2. We're A Happy Family    The Ramones    Rocket To Russia    1979    Sire
  3. The Family    Mr Brooks    Gather in the Mushrooms    2004    Transatlantic
  4. Take It Easy My Brother Charles    Jorge Ben    Big Ben    1965    Phillips
  5. Brother John    Bread, Love & Dreams    Amaryllis    1971    Decca
  6. Sister Lonely    Lothar And The Hand People    Space Hymn     1969    Capitol
  7. You And Your Sister    Chris Bell    I Am The Cosmos    1992    Rykodisc
  8. Her Mothers Daughter    Dory Previn    Mythical Kings And Iguanas    1971    United Artists
  9. Some Mother's Son    The Kinks    Arthur - Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire    1969    Pye
  10. Gigolo Aunt    Syd Barrett    Barrett    1970    Harvest
  11. Third Uncle    Brian Eno    Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)    1974    thedonga
  12. Grandma's Lawn (Mono)    Caravan    Caravan    1969    Verve
  13. My Grandfather's Clock    John Fahey    Days Have Gone By    1967    Takoma
  14. My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama    The Mothers of Invention    Weasels Ripped My Flesh    1970    Reprise
  15. Our Fathers    Stump    Quirk Out    1986    Stuff
  16. It's A Family Affair    Sly & The Family Stone    There's A Riot Going On    1971    Epic

Jan 12, 2013

Space is the Place

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A theme that has escaped me until now: Space. It seems like such an obvious choice and one I'll probably have another go at. Sun Ra didn't make it this time as many of his songs are too long, but enjoy the video instead.

  1. Theme From Space 1999    The Barry Gray Orchestra    Space 1999    1975   
  2. Space-Patrol (Raumpatrouille)    Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra    Raumpatrouille OST    1966    Polydor
  3. Mr. Spaceman    The Byrds    Fifth Dimension    1966    Columbia
  4. Astronomy Domine    Pink Floyd    Piper At The Gates Of Dawn    1967    EMI
  5. Let Me Go    The Rockets    The Rockets    1968    Rev-Ola
  6. Outta Space    Billy Preston    I Wrote a Simple Song    1972    A&M
  7. Space Truckin'    Deep Purple    Machine Head    1972    EMI
  8. Big Eyed Beans From Venus    Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band    Clear Spot    1972    Reprise
  9. Solar Flares    Robert Wyatt    Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard    1975    Virgin
  10. I Am The Cosmos    Chris Bell    7"    1975    Car
  11. Bike Ride To The Moon    The Dukes of the Stratosphear    25 o'clock    1985    Virgin
  12. Hey Man    Spacemen 3    Sound Of Confusion    1986    Fire
  13. Planet Earth (Single Version)    Duran Duran    Duran Duran    1981    Harvest
  14. Guiding Star    Teenage Fanclub    Bandwagonesque    1991    Creation
  15. Master of the Universe    Hawkwind    In Search Of Space    1971    United Artists

Jan 5, 2013

Alex's Pick of 2012

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Alex joins me in the studio again to share his top 10 picks of new music in 2012.  
  1. Intro / Pathos, Pathos    Kishi Bashi    151a    
  2. True Thrush    Dan Deacon    America    
  3. So Destroyed    Prince Rama    Top Ten Hits Of The End Of The World    
  4. A New Town    Field Music    Plumb    
  5. Genevieve    Stealing Sheep    Into The Diamond Sun    
  6. I Belong In Your Arms    Chairlift    Something    
  7. OK    Micachu And The Shapes    Never    
  8. Chasing Consummations    Shrag    Canines    
  9. The Trouble with Candyhands    Deerhoof    Breakup Song    
  10. Apocalypse Dreams    Tame Impala    Lonerism