Jun 30, 2012

Time again

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We  revisit a theme we explored a while back: time.
  1. My Grandfather's Clock    John Fahey    Days Have Gone By    1967    Takoma
  2. At The Chime Of A City Clock    Nick Drake    Bryter Layter    1970    Island
  3. From the Bottom of an Old Grandfather Clock    Bill Fay    From the Bottom of an Old Grandfather Clock    2004    Wooden Hill
  4. The Clock Strikes Twelve    Bo Diddley    Go Bo Diddley    1959    Checker
  5. 5 o'clock trip    Butterfingers    Butterfingers    1970    Pot
  6. 25 o'clock    The Dukes of the Stratosphear    25 o'clock    1985    Virgin
  7. Wait A Minute    Pussy Galore    Dial 'M' For Motherfucker    1989    Caroline
  8. Time    Neon Boys    Neon Boys + Richard Hell and the Voidoids    1973    Shake
  9. The Red Clock    The Boys Next Door    Hee Haw    1979    Mushroom
  10. Split second feeling    Cabaret Voltaire    Red Mecca    1981    Mute
  11. Per Second Second    The Wrens    The Meadowlands    2003    Absolutely Kosher
  12. Twenty Four Hours    Joy Division    Closer    1992    Factory
  13. Hey! Last Minute    The Meters    Struttin'    1970    Josie
  14. Too Much Time    Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band    Clear Spot    1972    Reprise
  15. Time    Dennis Wilson    Pacific Ocean Blue    1977    Caribou
  16. Ten O'Clock Postman    Secret Service    Oh Susie    1996    Sonet

Jun 23, 2012

Art two

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Another trip to art school this week as we delve into the painting box of music.
  1. Supernatural Fairy-Tales    Art    Supernatural Fairy-Tales    1967    Island
  2. Art School    The Jam    In The City    1977    Polydor
  3. Painting Box    Incredible String Band    The 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion    1967    Elektra
  4. Canvas    Brian Bennett    Instro-Hipsters A Go-Go! Vol. 4    2004    Past & Present
  5. Comin' Through    The Pastels    Comin' Through 7"    1987    Paperhouse
  6. Every Picture I Paint    Teenage Fanclub    A Catholic Education    1990    Paperhouse
  7. Run Paint Run Run    Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band    Doc at the Radar Station    1980    Virgin
  8. Venus de Milo    Television    Marquee Moon    1977    Elektra
  9. Dada Was Here    Soft Machine    Volume Two    1968    ABC/Probe
  10. Precious Metals    The Russian Futurists    Me Myself And Rye    2006    Memphis Industries
  11. Animals And Men    Adam & The Ants    Dirk Wears White Sox    1979    Do It
  12. Pablo Picasso    The Modern Lovers    Modern Lovers    1976    Beserkley
  13. Passion Of Lovers    Bauhaus    1979-1983    1985    Beggars Banquet
  14. Action Painting    The Ricketts    Incredible Sound Show Stories Vol.1: The Technicolour Milkshake     1967    
  15. Art Student    Action Painting!    Mustard Gas    1993    Sarah
  16. In The Country    The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band    Volume 3: A Child's Guide to Good and Evil    1963    Reprise
  17. Long Hair Soulful    The National Gallery    The National Gallery (Performing Interpretations of the Paintings of Paul Klee)    1968    Philips

Jun 16, 2012

Real gone

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We're real gone this week as we listen to pop folk ducking out, running away and going.  
  1. You've Got A Habit Of Leaving    Davy Jones & The Lower Third    You've Got a Habit of Leaving 7"    1965    Parlophone
  2. Don't Ever Leave Me    Connie Francis    Don't Ever Leave Me 7"    1964    MGM
  3. If You Leave    Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark    Pretty In Pink OST    1986    Virgin
  4. Walk On Out Of My Mind    Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret     The Cowboy & The Lady    1969   
  5. Leave Me    Vashti Bunyan    Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind    1964    Decca
  6. I'm Leaving    John Lee Hooker    On Campus    1963    Vee Jay
  7. Go Now    Bessie Banks    Go Now 7"    1964    Tiger
  8. I'll Be Leaving You    Yachts    Yachts    1979    Radar
  9. Train Leaves Here This Morning (outtake)    Gene Clark    No Other    1974    Asylum
  10. Leaving Here    The Birds    7"    1965    Decca
  11. Big Exit    PJ Harvey    Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea    2000    Island
  12. I'll Be Gone    Manfred Mann's Earth Band    The Good Earth [Bonus Tracks]    1974    Jacquity from Australia :)
  13. Leave The Capitol    The Fall    Slates    1981    Rough Trade
  14. Two Weeks Since You've Gone    Scott Walker    Scott 3    1969    Phillips
  15. Long Gone    Jerry Reed     The Unbelievable Guitar and Voice of Jerry Reed    1967    RCA
  16. He's A Real Gone Guy    Gene Ammons    Brother Jug!    1969   
  17. My Baby's Gone    Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen    Bakerfield Bound    1996    Sugar Hill

Jun 9, 2012

Crime and punishment

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We've covered the theme of incarceration in a previous programme, but it's time we revisit a rich seam through popular music of songs about criminal behviour and subsequent retribution by the law. It's also another opportunity to hear Billy Brag's fine piece of poetry "Rotting n Remand" as well as two sound track heavyweights - Lalo Shifrin and Roy Budd. 
  1.  Thief on prowl    Roy Budd    Diamonds OST    1976    Cinephile
  2. Break in    Fugazi    Demo 87    2003    
  3. Dirty Robber    The Sonics    Here Are the Sonics!!!    1965    Etiquette
  4. Police And Thieves    Junior Murvin    7"    1976    Island
  5. No Sense Of Crime    Iggy Pop & James Williamson    Kill City    1977    Bomp
  6. Robbery suspect    Lalo Schifrin    Sudden Impact (Dirty Harry) OST -1983    2008    Aleph
  7. Nobody's Fault But Mine    John Renbourn    Another Monday    1967    Transatlantic
  8. Guilt Ridden    Biff Bang Pow!    Me    1991    Creation
  9. Draygo's Guilt    The Fall    The Wonderful and Frigtening World of the Fall    1984    Beggars Banquet
  10. Good Morning Judge    10 CC    Deceptive Bends    1977    Mercury
  11. Who Dat    The Jury    Please Forget Her 7"    1979    Port
  12. Rotting On Remand    Billy Bragg    Workers' Playtime    1988    Go! Disc
  13. Holloway Jail    The Kinks    Muswell Hillbillies    1971    Pye
  14. The Prisoner's Song    Kentucky Colonels    Appalachian Swing!    1964    World Pacific
  15. Locked Down    Dr. John    Locked Down    2012    Nonesuch
  16. Care Of Cell 44    The Zombies    Odessy and Oracle    1968    Decca
  17. I'm Set Free    The Velvet Underground    The Velvet Underground    1969    Verve


Jun 2, 2012

History Buff

The real Jethro Tull

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From a play list idea given to me by Stephen Kinzer, aka former Acik Radyo programmer Blues Baba, here is a playlist of ill-researched bands that have taken their names from people or events in history. After I made the show, I immediately thoughts of other, better groups I could have played, but I least I didn't stoop to U2.
  1. 1984    New Model Army    Vengence    1984    Abstract
  2. Inside    Jethro Tull    Benefit     1970    Island
  3. Steppin' Out    Paul Revere & The Raiders        1966    Columbia
  4. The Politics Of Time    Minutemen    Double Nickels On The Dime    1984    SST
  5. Turn Around    The Beau Brummels    Bradley's Barn    1968    Warner
  6. Constantinople    The Decemberists    Picaresque    2005    Kill Rock Stars
  7. Disenchanted    Communards    12"    1986   
  8.  Take Me Out    Franz Ferdinand    Take Me Out 7"    2004    Domino
  9. Kick In The Eye    Bauhaus    1979-1983    1985    Beggars Banquet
  10. Communication Breakdown    Led Zeppelin    I    1969    Atlantic
  11. Self-portrait    The Durutti Column    A Factory Quartet (Disc 1)    1981    Factory
  12. Warsaw    Joy Division    Substance    1978    Factory
  13. Holiday In Cambodia    Dead Kennedys    Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables    1980    Alternative Tentacles
  14. Mekano    SPK  1979   
  15. Ballad of Jim Jones    The Brian Jonestown Massacre    Thank God for Mental Illness    1996    Bomp!
  16. I Found That Essence Rare    Gang Of Four    Entertainment!    1979    EMI
  17. Think I Wanna Die    Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin    Pershing    2008    Polyvinyl
  18. Tennessee Stud    The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band    Will The Circle Be Unbroken    1972    United Artists