Jun 30, 2012

Time again

If the audio stops playing, press stop and allow time for the stream to load.
We  revisit a theme we explored a while back: time.
  1. My Grandfather's Clock    John Fahey    Days Have Gone By    1967    Takoma
  2. At The Chime Of A City Clock    Nick Drake    Bryter Layter    1970    Island
  3. From the Bottom of an Old Grandfather Clock    Bill Fay    From the Bottom of an Old Grandfather Clock    2004    Wooden Hill
  4. The Clock Strikes Twelve    Bo Diddley    Go Bo Diddley    1959    Checker
  5. 5 o'clock trip    Butterfingers    Butterfingers    1970    Pot
  6. 25 o'clock    The Dukes of the Stratosphear    25 o'clock    1985    Virgin
  7. Wait A Minute    Pussy Galore    Dial 'M' For Motherfucker    1989    Caroline
  8. Time    Neon Boys    Neon Boys + Richard Hell and the Voidoids    1973    Shake
  9. The Red Clock    The Boys Next Door    Hee Haw    1979    Mushroom
  10. Split second feeling    Cabaret Voltaire    Red Mecca    1981    Mute
  11. Per Second Second    The Wrens    The Meadowlands    2003    Absolutely Kosher
  12. Twenty Four Hours    Joy Division    Closer    1992    Factory
  13. Hey! Last Minute    The Meters    Struttin'    1970    Josie
  14. Too Much Time    Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band    Clear Spot    1972    Reprise
  15. Time    Dennis Wilson    Pacific Ocean Blue    1977    Caribou
  16. Ten O'Clock Postman    Secret Service    Oh Susie    1996    Sonet

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