Jun 23, 2012

Art two

If the audio stops playing, press stop and allow time for the stream to load.
Another trip to art school this week as we delve into the painting box of music.
  1. Supernatural Fairy-Tales    Art    Supernatural Fairy-Tales    1967    Island
  2. Art School    The Jam    In The City    1977    Polydor
  3. Painting Box    Incredible String Band    The 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion    1967    Elektra
  4. Canvas    Brian Bennett    Instro-Hipsters A Go-Go! Vol. 4    2004    Past & Present
  5. Comin' Through    The Pastels    Comin' Through 7"    1987    Paperhouse
  6. Every Picture I Paint    Teenage Fanclub    A Catholic Education    1990    Paperhouse
  7. Run Paint Run Run    Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band    Doc at the Radar Station    1980    Virgin
  8. Venus de Milo    Television    Marquee Moon    1977    Elektra
  9. Dada Was Here    Soft Machine    Volume Two    1968    ABC/Probe
  10. Precious Metals    The Russian Futurists    Me Myself And Rye    2006    Memphis Industries
  11. Animals And Men    Adam & The Ants    Dirk Wears White Sox    1979    Do It
  12. Pablo Picasso    The Modern Lovers    Modern Lovers    1976    Beserkley
  13. Passion Of Lovers    Bauhaus    1979-1983    1985    Beggars Banquet
  14. Action Painting    The Ricketts    Incredible Sound Show Stories Vol.1: The Technicolour Milkshake     1967    
  15. Art Student    Action Painting!    Mustard Gas    1993    Sarah
  16. In The Country    The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band    Volume 3: A Child's Guide to Good and Evil    1963    Reprise
  17. Long Hair Soulful    The National Gallery    The National Gallery (Performing Interpretations of the Paintings of Paul Klee)    1968    Philips

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