Dec 27, 2014

Triple Xmas

Christmas comes but once a year at TUWSJ. Which is good because it means you've forgotten that I played most of these songs last year too.
  1. Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis     Tom Waits      Blue Valentine           Asylum           1978
  2. Jingle Bells     Booker T & The MGs 7"        Stax     1991
  3. Soulful Christmas      James Brown                        
  4. Jesus   The Velvet Underground     The Velvet Underground     Verve  1969
  5. Jesus Christ    Big Star           Third  Ardent            1974
  6. In the Hot Sun of a Christmas Day  Caetano Veloso          A Little More Blue     Philips            1971
  7. Jesus Meu Rei            Marcos Valle  Garra  EMI     1971
  8. Christmas Eve Is Coming, Anna       Norman Blake            Meeting On Southern Soil    Red House      2002
  9. That Was the Worst Christmas Ever!         Sufjan Stevens           Songs for Christmas  Asthmatic Kitty          2006
  10. No Xmas for John Quays      The Fall          Live At The Witch Trials       Step Forward 1978
  11. Just Like Christmas   Low     Christmas       Kranky           1999
  12. No Christmas While I'm Talking      The Walkmen            Bows and Arrows      Record Collection      2004
  13. Christmas Bop           Marc Bolan & T. Rex  Messing with the Mystic (Unissued Songs 1972-1977)  Fly       1975
  14. Listen, The Snow Is Falling   Galaxie 500    This Is Our Music      Rough Trade  1990
  15. No More Christams Blues     The Vacant Lots                                
  16. Father Christmas      The Kinks       7"        Arista  1977