Dec 31, 2011


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This is the last programme of 2011 and so every song in the playlist is the eleventh track from its respective album. It is also Mrs Johns's birthday.
  1. 53rd & 3rd    The Ramones    The Ramones    1976    Sire
  2. Pulled Up    Talking Heads    Talking Heads: '77    1977    Sire
  3. Great British Mistake    The Adverts    Crossing the Red Sea    1978    Bright
  4. The Idea    Adam & The Ants    Dirk Wears White Sox    1979    Do It
  5. Map Ref. 41N 93W    Wire    154    1979    Harvest
  6. 5.45    Gang of Four    Entertainment    1979    EMI
  7. I'll Be Leaving You    Yachts    Yachts    1979    Radar
  8.  #7    Polyrock    Polyrock    1980    RCA
  9. Knuckle Down    XTC    English Settlement    1982    Virgin
  10. Private Plane    Husker Du    Flip Your Wig    1985    SST
  11. When Tomorrow Hits    Mudhoney    Mudhoney    1989    Sub Pop
  12. Soon    My Bloody Valentine    Loveless    1991    Creation
  13. Everybody's Fool    Teenage Fanclub    A Catholic Education    1990    Paperhouse
  14. Cotton to the Bell    The High Llamas    Snowbug    1999    V2
  15. Oh how I miss you    Broadcast    Ha Ha Sound    2003    Warp
  16. Between Outside    Sam Prekop    Who's Your New Professor    2005    Thrill Jockey

Dec 24, 2011

The Christmas Show 2011

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It's that time of the year again when we celebrate something or other to do with whatever it is. Eat, drink and be merry with this selection of 17 festive tunes. Ho, Ho, Ho!

  1. Good King Wenceslas    John Fahey    New Possibility    1968    Takoma 
  2. Winter's Day    The High Llamas    Can Cladders    2007    Duophonic 
  3. The Birth    Edgar Broughton Band    Edgar Broughton Band    1971    Harvest 
  4. The Adoration    The Electric Prunes    Release Of An Oath    1968    Reprise 
  5. Jesus Christ    Big Star    Third    1974    Ardent 
  6. Mouth Breather    Jesus Lizard    Goat    1991    Touch & Go 
  7. Jesus Is Just Alright    The Byrds    Ballad Of Easy Rider    1970    Columbia 
  8. Jesus    The Velvet Underground    The Velvet Underground    1969    Verve 
  9. Walkin' With Jesus    Spacemen 3    The Perfect Prescription    1987    Fire 
  10. Jesus Meu Rei    Marcos Valle    Garra    1971    EMI 
  11. Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto    James Brown    Funky Christmas    1968    Polydor 
  12. Little St. Nick    The Beach Boys    The Beach Boys' Christmas Album     1964    Capitol 
  13. Father Christmas    The Kinks    7"    1977    Arista 
  14. ‘Til the Christ Come Back    Bill Fay    Time of the Last Persecution    1971    Deram 
  15. Jesus, Etc.    Wilco    Yankee Hotel Foxtrot    2002    Nonesuch 
  16. Frosty The Snow    The Ronettes    A Christmas Gift For You From Philles Records    1963    Philles 
  17. Dogtooth Christmas    Dogtooth!        2011   

Dec 17, 2011

Death disco part 2

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After last week's celebration of life, we look at the darker side – 55 minutes of songs about death without playing Blue Oyster Cult.
  1. The lonesome death of Hattie Carrol    Bob Dylan    The times they are a changin    1964    Columbia
  2. Dead Flowers    Townes Van Zandt    Road Songs    1993    Sugar Hill
  3. The Death of the Clayton Peacock    John Fahey    The Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death    1965    Riverboat
  4. My Name Is Death    Incredible String Band    The 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion    1967    Elektra
  5. Dead Man's Will    Calexico and Iron & Wine    In The Reins    2005    Overcoat
  6. My Death    Scott Walker    Scott    1967    Phillips
  7. Shoot Me Dead    Caetano Veloso    A Little More Blue    1971    Philips
  8. Death    The Pretty Things    S.F. Sorrow Is Born    1968    Columbia
  9. Afterwards    Van der Graaf Generator    The Aerosol Grey Machine    1969    Phillips
  10. Don't Die    Richard Hell & the Voidoids    Neon Boys + Richard Hell and the Voidoids  1973  Shake
  11. Dying Day    Orange Juice    You Can't Hide Your Love Forever   1982   Postcard   
  12. Cemetry Gates    The Smiths    The Queen Is Dead    1986    Rough Trade
  13. Monkey Gone to Heaven    Pixies    Doolittle    1989    4AD
  14. Freddie's Dead    Curtis Mayfield    Superfly    1972    Curtom
  15. The In Crowd    Dobie Gray    Dobie Gray Sings for 'In' Crowders That 'Go Go    1965    Charger

Dec 10, 2011

Life style

The meaning of life

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This week's programme is a celebration of life, featuring 55 minutes or so of songs with lively titles. Two songs this week are taken from excellent Rhino records compilations, truly the best compilers out there. The first is Mally Page singing a tune penned by Tony Hatch called "Life and Soul of the Party" from the One Kiss Leads to Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost and Found compilation of teeny-bopper girl pop, chanteuses and girl groups. The other is from the perennial favourite Nuggets box set. Let's not forget the awesome compilations put out by Soul Jazz, this week represented by an Alain Toussaint track lifted from New Orleans Funk called "Get out of my life, woman." That's living all right.
  1. Intro theme: The Good Life 1998   
  2. Life And Soul Of The Party    Mally Page    Life And Soul Of The Party 7"    1966    Pye
  3. Run For Your Life    The Beatles    Rubber Soul    1965    Parlophone
  4. Live And Let Live    Love    Forever Changes    1967    Elektra
  5. Life Is Just Beginning    The Creation    We Are Painter Men    1967    Hit-Ton
  6. Live    The Merry-Go-Round    Live 7"    1967    Rhino
  7. Imposters Of Life's Magazine    The Idle Race    Imposters Of Life's Magazine 7"    1967    Liberty
  8. Life Is Like A Mountain Railroad    John Fahey    Railroad    1983    Takoma
  9. The Christian Life    The Byrds    Sweetheart Of The Rodeo    1968    Columbia
  10. Complicated Life    The Kinks    Muswell Hillbillies    1971    Pye
  11. Get out of my life, woman    Allen Toussaint    New Orleans Funk        Soul Jazz
  12. Just Can't Live My Life    Linda Jones    Just Can't Live My Life 7"    1969    Warner
  13. Funkify Your Life    The Meters    New Directions    1977    Warner
  14. Once in a Lifetime    Talking Heads    Remain In Light    1980    Sire
  15. It's My Life    Talk Talk    It's My Life    1984    EMI
  16. The Good Life    The Week That Was    The Week That Was    2008    Memphis Industries
  17. Lust For Life    Iggy Pop    Lust For Life    1977    RCA

Dec 4, 2011

Fall back

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We celebrate the 29h studio album by what must surely by the longest-serving indie band of all time, The Fall. The plylist stop at Extricate, which is the last record I really got into in 1990. So it's time to get back into the record shops hunting for the the second 20 years.This is not a programme for newbies or purists, just an incomplete selection of personal favourites.
  1. Psycho Mafia    1978    Bingo Masters Breakout 7"    Step Forward
  2. Psykick Dancehall    1979    Dragnet    Step Forward
  3. Frightened    1979    Live At The Witch Trials    Step Forward
  4. Stepping Out    1979    Short Circuit: Live at the Electric Circus    Virgin
  5. Fiery Jack    1980    Fiery Jack EP    Step Forward
  6. Who Makes The Nazis    1982    Hex Enduction Hour    Rough Trade
  7. I Feel Voxish    1983    Perverted By Language    Rough Trade
  8. Draygo's Guilt    1984    The Wonderful and Frigtening World of the Fall    Beggars Banquet
  9. Spoilt Victorian Child    1985    This Nation's Saving Grace    Beggars Banquet
  10. Hey! Luciani    1986    Hey! Luciani 7"    Beggar Banquet
  11. Athlete Cured    1988    The Frenz Experiment    Cog Sinister
  12. New Big Prinz    1988    I Am Kurious Oranj    Beggars Banquet
  13. Bill Is Dead    1990    Extricate    Cog Sinister