Dec 31, 2011


If the audio stops playing, press stop and allow time for the stream to load.

This is the last programme of 2011 and so every song in the playlist is the eleventh track from its respective album. It is also Mrs Johns's birthday.
  1. 53rd & 3rd    The Ramones    The Ramones    1976    Sire
  2. Pulled Up    Talking Heads    Talking Heads: '77    1977    Sire
  3. Great British Mistake    The Adverts    Crossing the Red Sea    1978    Bright
  4. The Idea    Adam & The Ants    Dirk Wears White Sox    1979    Do It
  5. Map Ref. 41N 93W    Wire    154    1979    Harvest
  6. 5.45    Gang of Four    Entertainment    1979    EMI
  7. I'll Be Leaving You    Yachts    Yachts    1979    Radar
  8.  #7    Polyrock    Polyrock    1980    RCA
  9. Knuckle Down    XTC    English Settlement    1982    Virgin
  10. Private Plane    Husker Du    Flip Your Wig    1985    SST
  11. When Tomorrow Hits    Mudhoney    Mudhoney    1989    Sub Pop
  12. Soon    My Bloody Valentine    Loveless    1991    Creation
  13. Everybody's Fool    Teenage Fanclub    A Catholic Education    1990    Paperhouse
  14. Cotton to the Bell    The High Llamas    Snowbug    1999    V2
  15. Oh how I miss you    Broadcast    Ha Ha Sound    2003    Warp
  16. Between Outside    Sam Prekop    Who's Your New Professor    2005    Thrill Jockey

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