Dec 4, 2011

Fall back

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We celebrate the 29h studio album by what must surely by the longest-serving indie band of all time, The Fall. The plylist stop at Extricate, which is the last record I really got into in 1990. So it's time to get back into the record shops hunting for the the second 20 years.This is not a programme for newbies or purists, just an incomplete selection of personal favourites.
  1. Psycho Mafia    1978    Bingo Masters Breakout 7"    Step Forward
  2. Psykick Dancehall    1979    Dragnet    Step Forward
  3. Frightened    1979    Live At The Witch Trials    Step Forward
  4. Stepping Out    1979    Short Circuit: Live at the Electric Circus    Virgin
  5. Fiery Jack    1980    Fiery Jack EP    Step Forward
  6. Who Makes The Nazis    1982    Hex Enduction Hour    Rough Trade
  7. I Feel Voxish    1983    Perverted By Language    Rough Trade
  8. Draygo's Guilt    1984    The Wonderful and Frigtening World of the Fall    Beggars Banquet
  9. Spoilt Victorian Child    1985    This Nation's Saving Grace    Beggars Banquet
  10. Hey! Luciani    1986    Hey! Luciani 7"    Beggar Banquet
  11. Athlete Cured    1988    The Frenz Experiment    Cog Sinister
  12. New Big Prinz    1988    I Am Kurious Oranj    Beggars Banquet
  13. Bill Is Dead    1990    Extricate    Cog Sinister

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