Dec 26, 2009

Anti Christmas (26.12.09)

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INTRO: Cosmic Christmas, Rolling Stones, The Satanic Sessions (1967-1970), Decca, 1967

1. That Was the Worst Christmas Ever!, Sufjan Stevens, Songs for Christmas, Asthmatic Kitty, 2006

2. Just Like Christmas, Low, Christmas, Kranky, 1999

3. I Will Cry At Christmas, Denim, Novelty Rock, EMI Disk, 1997

4. How I Hate To See Christmas Come Around, Jimmy Witherspoon, Jingle Blues

5. I Won't Decorate Your Christmas Tree, Loretta Lynn, Country Christmas, Decca, 1966

6. Christmas Swing, Django Reinhardt, Best Of Django Reindhart, 1937

7. Uncle Bernie's farm, The Mothers Of Invention, Absolutely Free, Verve, 1967

8. A Christmas Camel (Mono), Procol Harum, Procol Harum, Regal Zonophone, 1967

9. Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis, Tom Waits, Blue Valentine, Asylum, 1978

10. Christmas At The Zoo, The Flaming Lips, Clouds Taste Metallic, Warner, 1995

11. There's No Lights On The Christmas Tree Mother; They're Burning Big Louie Tonight, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Framed, Vertigo, 1972

12. Merry Christmas (I don't want to fight tonight), Ramones, Anthology, Sire 1999

13. Thank God It's Not Christmas, Sparks, Kimono My House, Island, 1974

14. Father Christmas, The Kinks, 7", Arista, 1977

15. Can You Stop the Revelry, Shrag, 2006

13. Merry Christmas (I don't want to fight tonight), Ramones, Anthology, Sire, 1999

15. Can You Stop the Revelry, Shrag, 2007

Dec 20, 2009

Reprise Records (20.12.09)

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1)Send The Marines, Tom Lehrer, That Was The Year That Was, 1965

2) The Last of the Secret Agents, Nancy Sinatra, 7", 1966

3) Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In), Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, 1967

4) I'm Going Home, Arlo Guthrie, Alice's Restaurant, 1967

5) Eighteen is Over The Hill, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Volume 3: A Child's Guide to Good and Evil, 1968

6) I Think It's Going To Rain Today, Randy Newman, Randy Newman, 1968

7) Peaches en Regalia, Frank Zappa, Hot Rats, 1969

8) Spirit In The Sky, Norman Greenbaum, Norman Greenbaum, 1970

9) Jumping Jack Flash, Ananda Shankar, Ananda Shankar, 1970

10) We Can Win, Linda Lewis, 7", 1971

11) In My Own Time, Family, 7", 1971

12) Low Yo Yo Stuff, Captain Beefheart the The Magic Band, Clear Spot, 1972

13) She, Gram Parsons, G.P., 1973

14) Brought With The Rain, Bert Jansch, Moonshine, 1973

15) Lookout Joe, Neil Young, Tonight's the Night, 1977

Dec 12, 2009

Colin Sutcliffe (12.12.09)

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1) The Day The World Turned Day-glo, X-Ray Spex, Germfree Adolescents, EMI, 1978

2) Anti-Pope, The Damned, Machine Gun Etiquette, Stiff, 1979

3) Tupelo (7" version), Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Firstborn Is Dead, Mute, 1985

4) A Rainy Night In Soho, The Pogues, Poguetry in Motion, Stiff, 1986

5) Day of Lords Joy Division, Unknown Pleasures, Factory, 1979

6) Straighten Out, The Stranglers, 7", United Artists, 1977

7) Farewell Welfare, Pt. 1, Rory McLeod, Angry Love, Cooking Vinyl, 1985

8) Bloody Revolutions, Crass, 7", Crass, 1980

9) We Want The Airwawes, The Ramones, Pleasant Dreams, Sire, 1981

10) Requiem, Killing Joke, Killing Joke, EG, 1980

Dec 5, 2009

War! (05.09.12)

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This week's guest announcer: Zeynep

1) Masters of War, Bob Dylan, The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, 1963

2) Kill For Peace, The Fugs, The Fugs, ESP-Disk, 1966

3) No Man Can Find the War, Tim Buckley, Goodbye and Hello, 1967

4) Hero of the War, Scott Walker, Scott 4, Phillips, 1969

5) War, Edwin Starr, 7", Gordy, 1970

6) 1916 - The Battle of Boogaloo, Nucleus Elastic Rock, Vertigo, 1970

7) Challenge And Battle, Harry Betts, Black Mama, White Mama OST, 1972

8) War, Henry Cow, In Praise Of Learning, Virgin, 1975

9) Hate & War, The Clash, The Clash, CBS, 1977

10) Guns before butter Gang of Four Entertainment EMI 1979

11) Chemical Warfare, Dead Kennedys, Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables, Alternative Tentacles, 1980

12) Melt The Guns, XTC, English Settlement, Virgin, 1982

13) War on War Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Nonesuch 2002

14) Winning a Battle, Losing the War, Minizza, DJ-Kicks: Erlend Øye, Studio !K7, 2004

15) A Beautiful War, Robert Wyatt, Comicopera, Domino, 2007