Mar 5, 2011

The theme is the theme

The great Ron Grainer

If the audio stops playing, press stop and allow time for the stream to load.

Last week, we listened to the world of children's TV themes. This week, we listen past the watershed. Some heavyweights of the theme world are represented in the play list, such as Tony Hatch, who wrote the theme tunes to Neighbours and Crossroads, and Quincy Jones, who produced Thriller.
  1. Johnny Todd (Z Cars), John Keating and his Orchestra, 1962, BBC
  2. Ironside, Quincy Jones, 1967, NBC
  3. The Champions, Tony Hatch and His Orchestra, 1968, ITC
  4. Light Flight, Pentangle, Basket Of Light, 1969, Transatlantic
  5. Department S, The Cyril Stapleton Orchestra, , 1969, ATV
  6. Studio 69 (theme from Dave Allen at Large), Alan Hawkshaw, The Big Beat, 1969, KPM
  7. Stone Fox Chase (theme to the Old Grey Whistle Test), Area Code 615, Area Code 615, 1969, BBC
  8. Jam for World In Action, Jonathon Weston/Shawn Phillips, ITV
  9. Heavy Action (theme from Superstars), Johnny Pearson, 1973, BBC
  10. The Rockford Files, Mike Post, 1974, NBC
  11. Whicker's World, BBC
  12. The New Avengers, Laurie Johnson, 1976, ITV
  13. The Professionals, Laurie Johnson, 1977, LWT
  14. The Return Of The Saint, John Scott, 1978, ITV
  15. Tales Of The Unexpected, Ron Grainer, 1979, Anglia
  16. Chase Side Shoot Up (theme to the Golf), Brian Bennett, 1980, BBC
  17. Darts theme, BBC
  18. Drag Racer, The Douglas Wood Group, 1982, BBC
  19. Main Title, Greenhouse, Ron Goodwin, This Island Earth (Day Of The Triffids), 1981, BBC
  20. Tomorrow's World Theme, Richard Denton And Martin Cook, , , BBC

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