Aug 11, 2012



If the audio stops playing, press stop and allow time for the stream to load.
The key word for this week's programme is black, from Afro-music to Chicago noise via Brazilian Tropicalia.    
  1. Dressed In Black    The Pussycats    Dressd in Black 7"    Colombia    1966
  2. Black Ant    Osibisa    Black Ant 7"    Smoke    1971
  3. Black Cobra Pt. 2    Curly Davis & The Uniques    Chains and Black Exhaust    Memphix    2002
  4. Black Sand    Brainticket    Cottonwoodhill    Bellaphon    1971
  5. Big Black Car    Big Star    Third    Ardent    1974
  6. Black Maria    Todd Rundgren    Something/Anything?    Bearsville    1972
  7. Black Country Rock    David Bowie    The Man Who Sold The World    RCA    1972
  8. Black Night    Deep Purple    Black Night 7"    EMI    1970
  9. Black is Beautiful    Marcos Valle    Garra    EMI    1971
  10. Black Sheep Boy    Scott Walker    Scott 2    Phillips    1968
  11. Steak & Black Onions    Rapeman    Two Nuns and a Pack Mule    Touch & Go    1989
  12. Black Heart    Calexico    Feast Of Wire    Quarterstick    2003
  13. Black Carpet Magic    Lilys    Everything Wrong Is Imaginary    Manifesto    2006
  14. Pot Kettle Black    Wilco    Yankee Hotel Foxtrot    Nonesuch    2002

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