Feb 9, 2015

Nachtmuzik Zwei

The second instalment of night music.
  1. Midnight To Six Man            The Pretty Things     Midnight To Six Man 7"       Fontana          1966
  2. A Midsummer's Night Scene            John's Children         7"        Track  1967
  3. Night Of The Long Grass      The Troggs     Trogglodynamite       Fontana          1967
  4. Coldest Night Of The Year   Vashti Bunyan           Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind         Decca  2007
  5. This Man He Weeps Tonight [bonus] [mono single version]       The Kinks       Arthur - Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire  Pye      1969
  6. Late Night      Syd Barrett    The Madcap Laughs Harvest           1970
  7. Winter Night  Scott Walker  Scott 3            Phillips           1969
  8. Coil Night       Van der Graaf Generator      The Masters   Phillips          
  9. Tonight           Iggy Pop         Lust For Life   RCA     1977
  10. Tonight           MC5    Back In The USA        Atlantic           1970
  11. Midnight Cowboy      John Barry     Midnight Cowboy (OST)      United Artists            1969
  12. Tonight's the Night   Neil Young & Crazy Horse    Tonight's the Night   Reprise           1977
  13. Friday Night, Saturday Morning      The Specials   The Specials   Two Tone       1979
  14. Tomorrow Night        Shoes  Present Tense           Elektra            1979
  15. Dateless Night           Tav Falco and Panther Burns          The World We Knew            New Rose       1987
  16. Tonight Khalkedonia Weeps           TSU!                           

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