Dec 3, 2010

Normal service has been resumed

After being away for couple of weeks, the last few programmes are now up and running. Also, as pointed out by C, the Under the Covers edition cut off after the Spacemen 3 tune. Hopefully, that has now been fixed.

However, there may be some disruption in the coming weeks as the Acik Radyo studio has been forced to move in order to make way for a hotel (as if this city needs another one). And while we're talking of the best open access radio station in Turkey, the new book celebrating the 15-year history of the station and the people behind it is out now.

Inexplicably, I can't seem to post comments in response to yours. Perhaps someone can tell me why, but in the meantime, thanks for you remarks and keep them coming. Feedback is always appreciated, not least to reassure me that someone/anyone is actually listening.

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