Dec 4, 2010

Back to the Country: Corrections

My dear friend and listener Simon from Brighton has flagged up a few inaccuracies in this programme first broadcast on November 9.

Firstly, the Kentucky Colonels' Appalachian Swing was originally (and famously) released by World Pacific. (Established by Richard Bock and Roy Harte in Los Angeles, 1952 and sold to Liberty in 1965. FYI)

To add insult to injury, Clarence White of the Kentucky Colonels doesn't play the b-bender guitar on the Byrds' Yesterday's Train (I should have picked Truck Stop Girl, on which he sings). It is of course Sneaky Pete Kleinow's pedal steal. Although, I'll wager he plays the acoustic guitar on the recording.

And finally, the Louvin Brothers is pronounced Loo-van to rhyme with toilet, rather than Low-vin, to rhyme with how, as in, "How on earth should I know how Louvin Brothers is pronounced?"

I stand corrected.

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