Dec 4, 2010


My bike, until Steve Winterton took it.

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Now that I think of it, this is a somewhat obvious theme. Not only is motorcycling a passion of mine, but the association with bikes and music is as old as rock and roll itself. I've tried to steer away from too many obvious songs (note absence of Wanted: Dead or Alive and Bat Out of Hell), but the Shangri-Las is a must. Also of interest is reggae's fascination with the iron horse, although I couldn't find a dub paean the the Suzuki. Let's kick-start the programme with the Beach Boys....
  1. Little Honda, The Beach Boys, All Summer Long, 1964, Capitol
  2. Leader Of The Pack, The Shangri-Las, 7", 1964, Red Bird
  3. Motorcycle Irene, Moby Grape, Wow, 1968, Columbia
  4. Devil's Motorcycle, The Chocolate Watchband, One Step Beyond, 1969, Tower
  5. High Heeled Wheels, Neon Boys, The Neon Boys/Richard Hell and the Voidoids, 1973, Shake
  6. Yamaha Skank, Shorty the President, 7", 1973, Soul City
  7. Motorbikin', Chris Spedding, Chris Spedding, 1975, RAK
  8. CB 200, Dillinger, CB 200, 1976, Island
  9. Ghost Rider, Suicide, Suicide, 1977, Red Star
  10. Motorcycle Mama, Neil Young, Comes a Time, 1978, Reprise
  11. Motorbike Beat, The Revillos, 7", 1980, Snatzo
  12. Drive Blind, Ride, 12", 1990, Creation
  13. Speeding motorcycle, The Pastels, 7", 1991, Paperhouse
  14. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning, Richard Thompson, Rumor And Sigh, 1991, Capitol
  15. Superbike, Fat Truckers, Coletten No.3, 2003, Roadtrain
  16. The Motorcycle Song, Richard Hawley, Lowedges, 2003, Setanta

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