Jul 17, 2010

Bastille Day de nouveu

Liberte, fraternite, duck pate

If the audio stops playing, press stop and allow time for the stream to load.

It was Bastille Day this week, and again we found ourselves at the French Palace, plate in hand, awaiting the orgy of cheese, pate and champagne. Every other blighter in the city had exactly the same idea. There is a narrative thread to the songs, albeit rather vague, since it was somewhat tricky getting enough songs together.
  1. Peasant in the Big Shitty, The Stranglers, No More Heroes, 1977, United Artists
  2. Storming the Bastille, A Day In Black and White, My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys, 2004, Level Plain
  3. Degree Zero Of Liberty, Porcupine Tree, The Incident, 2008, Road Runner
  4. The Sweetest Sound of Liberty, Triumvirat, Spartacus, 1975, Capitol
  5. Freedom, Edgar Broughton Band, Sing Brother Sing, 1970, Harvest
  6. Forces of Victory, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Forces Of Vicory, 1985, Island
  7. Powerman, The Kinks, Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, 1970, Pye
  8. Heads Will Roll, Echo and the Bunnymen, Porcupine, 1983, Korova
  9. Madame Guillotine, The Legendary Pink Dots, Nine Lives To Wonder, 1994,
  10. Start Choppin', Dinosaur Jr, Where You Been?, 1993, Blanco y Negro/Sire
  11. The Internationale, Robert Wyatt, EPs, 1999, Rough Trade
  12. Socialist, Public Image Ltd, Metal Box, 1979, Virgin
  13. The Old Revolution, The Rebel, Prawns, ,
  14. Don't Worry About the Government, Talking Heads, Talking Heads 77, 1977, Sire

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