Oct 24, 2009

Pick of the Seaon (24.10.09)

This week's guest announcer: The delectable Mrs Johns

1) 25 o'clock, The Dukes of the Stratosphear, 25 o'clock, Virgin, 1985

2) It's All In My Mind, Teenage Fanclub, Man-Made, PeMa, 2005

3) Walking On A Dream, Empire Of The Sun, Walking On A Dream, EMI, 2008

4) I'll Be Your Man, The Black Keys, The Big Come Up Alive, 2002

5) Wolfman Jack, Todd Rundgren, Something/Anything?, Bearsville, 1972

6) Blue Honey, Pop Levi, The Return To Form Black Magick Party, Counter, 2007

7) Rock And Roll Queen, Mott The Hoople, Mott The Hoople, Island, 1969

8) Been There All The Time, Dinosaur Jr, Beyond, Blast First, 2007

9) Killer Without a Cause, Thin Lizzy, Bad Reputation, Vertigo, 1977

10) Small Town Talk, Bobby Charles, Bobby Charles, Bearsville, 1972

11) I Just Don't Know, Banchee, Banchee, Atlantic, 1969

12) Rumplestiltskin, Alan Hawkshaw, Mo'Hawk KPM, 2003

13) Electric Feel, MGMT, Oracular Spectacular, CBS, 2007

14) Low Yo Yo Stuff, Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band, Clear Spot, Reprise, 1972

15) Tighten Up, Archie Bell & The Drells, Tighten Up, Atlantic, 1968

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