Oct 10, 2009

One is the Loneliest Number (10.10.09)

This week's guest announcer: yours truly

1) Leave Me, Vashti Bunyan, Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind, Decca 1964 (Fat Cat 2005)

2) Lady, Dennis Wilson and Rumbo, 7", Stateside, 1970

3) Alone Again Or, Love Forever Changes, Elektra, 1967

4) One (Is The Loneliest Number), Harry Nilsson, Ariel Ballet, RCA, 1969

5) I'm Stranded, The Saints, I'm Stranded, EMI, 1977

6) Marooned, Wire, Chairs Missing, Harvest, 1978

7) The Loner, Neil Young, Neil Young, Reprise, 1968

8) Lonely Woman, Hugh Hopper, Hopper Tunity Box, Compendium, 1977

9) Lonely Man, Mellow Candle, Swaddling Songs, Deram, 1972

10) Long Gone, Syd Barrett, The Madcap Laughs, EMI, 1970

11) Oh Woman, Oh Why, Paul McCartney, Ram, Apple, 1971

12) Oh how I miss you, Broadcast, Ha Ha Sound, Warp, 2003

13) Come Back Baby, Bert Jansch, Nicola, Transatlantic, 1967

14) Never Again, The Sadies, New Seasons, Bloodshot, 2007

15) I'm Getting Back Into Getting Back Into You 2:35 Silver Jews Tanglewood Numbers Drag City 2005

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naltikriti said...

Hi Simon:

Great show -- please keep reminding me via FB to listen every week. This was the first time I managed, and you've got a permanent fan now.