Oct 17, 2009

Etien Rodes: Once More With Feeling (17.10.09)

This week's guest announcer: Marie

1) Jumpin Jack Flash, Wynder K. Frog, Out of the Frying Pan, United Artists, 1968

2) River Deep Mountain High, The Saints, I'm Stranded, EMI, 1977

3) God Only Knows, Great Monroe, Tout, Unreleased, 2006

4) It's All Over Now, Baby Blue, Them, Them Again, Decca, 1966

5) My Death, Scott Walker, Scott, Phillips, 1967

6) Blue Moon, Bob Dylan, Self Portrait, Columbia, 1970

7) Aux Armes Et Caetera, Serge Gainsbourg, Aux Armes Et Caetera, Phillips, 1979

8) La Fermeture Eclair, Delphine, Pop à Paris Vol. 1: Contact, Decca, 2003

9) Falling In Love, American Spring, It's Not That Bad, Columbia, 1973

10) Dolphins, Tim Buckley, Once I Was, Discreet, 1973

11) Ain't Got No/I Got Life, Nina Simone, Nuff Said!, RCA, 1968

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