Jun 28, 2014


We take the theme of yellow this week. Unfortunately, after loosing a bet with Mrs Johns about the release date of the despicable Yellow by the despicable Coldplay, the forfeit was to actually play the song. You may turn off before it comes on.
  1. Yellow Bird Davy Graham The Guitar Player Pye 1963
  2. Yellow Walls Jackson C Frank Jackson C Frank Columbia 1965
  3. Mellow Yellow Donovan Mellow Yellow Epic 1966
  4. Big Yellow Taxi Joni Mitchell Ladies of the Canyon Reprise 1970
  5. Yellow Brick Road Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band Safe As Milk Buddah 1967
  6. Don't Eat the Yellow Snow Frank Zappa Apostrophe Diskreet 1974
  7. Tong Poo Yellow Magic Orchestra Yellow Magic Orchestra Alfa 1978
  8. Bostich Yello Solid Pleasure Ralph 1980
  9. My Hands Are Yellow (From the Job That I Do) The Del-Byzanteens Girl's Imagination 12" DFOTM 1981
  10. Why Am I So Short? Soft Machine The Soft Machine ABC/Probe 1968
  11. Entangled Yellow Moon Band Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World Static Caravan 2009
  12. Water Door Yellow Gate Ghost In Stormy Nights Drag City 2007
  13. Melon Yellow Slowdive Souvlaki Track 9 1994
  14. Fiery Yellow Stereolab Mars Audiac Quintet Elektra 1994
  15. Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt Yellowman Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt Greensleeves 1984
  16. Yellow Coldplay Parachutes EMI   2000

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