Jun 14, 2014

Flags, war and Justice


Three news events this week to cram in. The taking down of a flag in Lice, the jailing of peaceful protestors and the new war in Iraq. 
  1. Don't Dictate     Penetration    Moving Targets    Virgin    1978
  2. Pink Flag    Wire    Pink Flag    Harvest    1977
  3. Ashes of American Flags    Wilco    Yankee Hotel Foxtrot    Nonesuch    2002
  4. My War    Black Flag    My War    SST    1984
  5. Shot down    The Sonics    7"    Etiquette    1965
  6. Running Gun Blues    David Bowie    The Man Who Sold The World    RCA    1972
  7. Isis    Bob Dylan    Desire    Columbia   
  8. Challenge And Battle    Harry Betts    Black Mama, White Mama        1972
  9. Song for a Warrior (feat. Karen O)    Swans    The Seer    Young Gods    2012
  10. Run    Spiritualized    Lazer Guided Melodies    Dedicated    1992
  11. The Prisoner    Ron Grainer    Circus Days Vol. 3 (CD)        1968
  12. Oswald Defence Lawyer    The Fall    The Frenz Experiment        1988
  13. Life in Prison    The Byrds    Sweetheart of the Rodeo        1997
  14. Distant Hills (theme to Crown Court)    Simon Park Orchestra     

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