May 4, 2013

Got back

The ex-pope flying back

If the audio stops playing, press stop and allow time for the stream to load.

The ex-pope flew back from the Vatican's summer residence to start his new role as whatever his new role will be (and frankly, who cares?). So, the keyword for this playlist is "back." We start off with popster Eddie Grant's first successful group The Equals and their nifty hit "Baby Come Back" then move through chronologically 19 years to another south London African British musician Linton Kwesi Johnson and his awesome "Fite Dem Back."
  1. Baby Come Back    The Equals    7"    1966    President
  2. Coming Back To Me    Jefferson Airplane    Surrealistic Pillow    1967    RCA
  3. Goin' Back    The Byrds    The Notorious Byrd Brothers    1968    Columbia
  4. Back Street    Dale Hawkins    LA, Memphis & Tyler, Texas    1969    Bell
  5. Take Me Back    Humble Pie    Town And Country    1969    Island
  6. Backsliding Fearlessly    Mott The Hoople    Mott The Hoople    1969    Island
  7. Get Back    The Beatles    Let It Be    1970    Apple
  8. ‘Til the Christ Comes Back    Bill Fay    Time of the Last Persecution    1971    Deram
  9. All My Friends Are Back Again    Al Jones    Jonesville    1972    The Village Thing
  10. Dancing Madly Backwards    Captain Beyond    Captain Beyond    1972    Capricorn
  11. Back Of a Car    Big Star    Radio City    1973    Ardent
  12. Your Mama Wants Ya Back    Betty Davis    They Say I'm Different    1974    Just Sunshine
  13. Two Steps Back    The Fall    Live At The Witch Trials    1978    Step Forward
  14. Fite Dem Back    Linton Kwesi Johnson    Forces Of Vicory    1985    Island

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