May 18, 2013

Get it together

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Let's get it together people! A show about togetherness. Daw....
  1. Part Of The Union    The Strawbs    Bursting At The Seams    1973    A&M
  2. Together    Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells    Together    1964    Motown
  3. Get Yourself Together    The Small Faces    7"    1967    Immediate
  4. Sing This All Together    The Rolling Stones    Their Satanic Majesties    1967    Decca
  5. So Happy Together    The Turtles    Happy Together    1967    Warner
  6. Your Mind And We Belong Together    Love    7"    1968    Elektra
  7. Come Together    The Beatles    Abbey Road    1969    Apple
  8. Stay Together    Soul Excitement    Smile 7"        Pink Dolphin
  9. Act Together    Ron Wood    I've Got My Own Album to Do    1974    Warner
  10. Stick Together    Minnie Riperton    Stay in Love: A Romantic Journey Set to Music    1977    Epic
  11. United    Throbbing Gristle    7"    1978    Industrial
  12. Together In Electric Dreams (Electric Dreams)    Giorgio Moroder and Phil Oakey    Electric Dreams OST    1984    Virgin
  13. Together Or Alone    Sebadoh    Bakesale    1994    Sub Pop
  14. Hand In Glove    The Smiths    The Smiths    1984    Rough Trade

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