Feb 19, 2012

Secretive affair

If the audio stops playing, press stop and allow time for the stream to load.

We go under cover this week and listen to 55 minutes of songs about secrets and spies, kind of. The playlist was inspired by the new film adaptation of John Le Carre's Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, which is well worth going out to see. We close on a song performed by Etta James, who passed in January, a few days after the man who discovered her, Johnny Otis.
  1. Man From Uncle    Hugo Montenegro     1998
  2. Inside The Secret    Skip Bifferty    Skip Bifferty    RCA    1968
  3. Trust    The Pretty Things    S.F. Sorrow Is Born    Columbia    1968
  4. Our Little Secret    SRC    Milestones    Capitol    1969
  5. Hush    Deep Purple    Shades Of Deep Purple   EMI    1968
  6. I Spy (For The F.B.I.)    Luther Ingram & The G-Men    I Spy (For The F.B.I.) 7"    Smash    1966
  7. Spy    Guys From Uncle     7"
  8. Main Titles (Full Version)    Ron Grainer    The Prisoner (OST)     1967
  9. Secret Agent Man    Johnny Rivers    Secret Agent Man 7"    Imperial    1966
  10. The Last of the Secret Agents    Nancy Sinatra    7"    Reprise   1966
  11. Keep Under Cover    Paul McCartney     Pipes Of Peace     Parlophone     1983
  12. Can You Keep A Secret?     Big Youth      Mafia
  13. Double Barrel 007     Dave And Ansel Collins     7"     Techniques
  14. Undercover Agent Zero     The Flys     What Will Mother Say? 7"    Parlophone     1980
  15. Lost In The Night     The Secret Affair     Time For Action
  16. Your Agent Man     Cabaret Voltaire     Eight Crepuscule Tracks     1981   
  17. Spy in the Cab     Bauhaus     In the Flat Field     4AD     1980
  18. Trust in me     Etta James

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