Feb 12, 2012

Dad rock

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Often when the family Johns returns to the old country, I ask my dad to get me some records from my collection in storage. And so this week's playlist was selected by my dad at random when we back last week. He picked a pretty varied and occasionally esoteric collection, including: pioneering electronic composer Bruce Haack, which I was given and never played; Glaswegian electro-punkers The Magnificents, which they gave me and I never played; and Loop spin-off, The Hair and Skin Trading Co., which I played once and didn't like. Can't say I do now, but it's on the list. And he honestly picked Stereolab at random too. So I picked one of my favourite bass performances.
  1. Love is a Beautiful Thing    The Young Rascals    You Better Run 7"    1966    Atlantic
  2. Amore de Carnaval    Jorge Ben   O Bidu  OMC
  3. Lady of the Dancing Water    King Crimson    Lizard    1971    Atlantic 
  4. The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)     Yes    Fragile    1972    Atlantic
  5. And You Tried So Hard    Gong    Camembert Electrique    1971    Virgin
  6. Kyrie Eleison    The Electric Prunes    Release of an Oath    196X    Reprise
  7. The Green Manalishi    Fleetwood Mac    Jumping At Shadows    1968    CBS
  8. Bog Roll Blues    The Groundhogs    Who Will Save Us?    1972    United Artists   
  9. Super Finger    Bruce Haack    Rock Home, The Best of Dimension 5 
  10. Ruckzack    Kraftwerk    Kraftwerk    1970    Phillips
  11. Deadbeat Descendent    The Fall    Seminal Live    1986     Beggars Banquet    
  12. Black Sun    Loop Black Sun    12"    1988    Chapter 22
  13. Ground Zero    The Hair and Skin Trading Co.    Ground Zero 12"    
  14. Kids Now    The Magnificents    Kids Now 12"    2001    Erkrankung Durch Musique
  15. Vonal Declosion    Stereolab    Margarine Eclipse    2004    Elektra

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