Oct 2, 2010


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This week, let’s get all touchy feely while listening to 50 minutes of songs about senses. If you thought there were five senses, you’re way off. Apparently, there are more than 12, not including a sense of humour or common sense. On the play list are a few oddities this week, including Tony Clarke and Medway's finest Mod-revivalists The Prisoners. If anyone out there as a few more tracks by them, drop me a line. We close the programme with an obvious pick, but a classic.
  1. How Does It Feel?, The Creation, We Are Painter Men, 1967, Hit-Ton
  2. Just To See You, Alex Chilton, 1970, 1996, Ardent
  3. A Taste of Pink, Prisoners, A Taste of Pink, 1982, Big Beat
  4. Touch Me I'm Sick, Mudhoney, Superfuzz Bigmuff, 1990, Sub Pop
  5. I Hear You Calling, Bill Fay, Time of the Last Persecution, 1971, Deram
  6. Sigh’s smell of farewell, Cocteau Twins, Love's Easy Tears, 1986, 4AD
  7. Balance, Funkadelic, America Eats Its Young, 1972, Westbound
  8. Feel the heat, Bill Summers, Feel the heat, 1977, Prestige
  9. Move Move Move, Alan Hawkshaw, Mo’Hawk, 2003, RPM/Cherry Red
  10. Feel the Pain, Dinosaur Jr, Without A Sound, 1995, Blanco y Negro/Sire
  11. (No Conception) No Sense Of Direction, Tony Clarke, (They Call Me A) Wrong Man 7", 1968, MS
  12. Sense Of Purpose, The Pop Group, For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?, 1980, Rough Trade
  13. See Me Feel Me, The Who, 7", 1970, Polydor
  14. The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This, Love, Forever Changes, 1967, Elektra
  15. Senses Working Overtime, XTC, English Settlement, 1982, Virgin

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