Aug 7, 2010

Lucky Jim

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Are you feeling lucky, punk? Chance would be a fine thing. So, here's 50 minutes of songs related to kismet, from the Shirley Bassey's big-band groove Spinning Wheel to the Lucky Number of former Hull resident Lene Lovich. She's been on the programme before, and on the Heart and Hand juke box for a decade, but Betty Davis is always worth another listen.
  1. Spinning Wheel, Shirley Bassey, Something, 1970, United Artists
  2. If I'm Lucky (I Might Get Picked Up), Betty Davis, Betty Davis, 1973, Just Sunshine
  3. The Unlucky Heroes, John Barry, The Persuaders! (OST), 1971, CBS
  4. Contort Yourself, James Chance & The Contortions, Buy, 1979, ZE
  5. No Matter What, Badfinger, No Dice, 1970, Apple
  6. Simple twist of fate, Bob Dylan, Blood on the tracks, 1975, Columbia
  7. Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold, Townes Van Zandt, Live At The Old Quarter, Houston, Texas, 1977, Tomato
  8. Outside Chance, Warren Zevon, The First Sessions, 1965, Varese Vintage
  9. Tumbling Dice, Linda Ronstadt, Simple Dreams, 1977, Asylum
  10. Born to Be Lucky, Jim Reeves, Kimberly Jim, 1964, RCA
  11. Hard Luck, The Undertones, Hypnotised, 1980, Sire
  12. Hope For Happiness, Soft Machine, The Soft Machine, 1968, ABC/Probe
  13. Wishing Well, Bert Jansch, Birthday Blues, 1969, Transatlantic
  14. Take A Chance With Me, Roxy Music, Avalon, 1982, Island
  15. Life's A Gamble, Penetration, 7", 1978, Virgin
  16. Lucky Number, Lene Lovich, Stateless, 1979, Stiff

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