Jun 19, 2010

Jerk disco

Liquid Liquid in their heyday

If the audio stops playing, press stop and allow time for the stream to load.

This week, let's listen 50 minutes of post-punk grooves. A few of these groups have popped up before, but it's a first for many this week, including guitar legend Fred Frith and art-rockers Polyrock. (Update: Ari Up from the Slits, R.I.P, October 2010).
  1. Jocko Homo, Devo, Q. Are We Not Men?, 1978, Warner
  2. The Modern Dance, Pere Ubu, The Modern Dance, 1978, Blank Records
  3. Mind Your Own Business, Delta 5, 7", 1979, Rough Trade
  4. Herstory, Flying Lizards, , 1979, Virgin
  5. Not great men, Gang of Four, Entertainment, 1979, EMI
  6. Shoplifting, The Slits, Cut, 1979, Island
  7. Don't cry for me, Fred Frith, Gravity, 1980, Ralph
  8. Shut Your Face, Polyrock, Polyrock, 1980, RCA
  9. Blind Faith, The Pop Group, For How Much Longer Do We Tollerate Murder? 1980, Rough Trade
  10. Shouting Out Loud, The Raincoats, Odyshape, 1981, Sub Pop
  11. Moody, ESG, A South Bronx Story, 1982, Soul Jazz
  12. Optimo, Liquid Liquid, 12", 1983, 99 Records
  13. Hunter Gatherer, Mofungo, Out Of Line, 1983, ZOAR
  14. Shadow Of A Doubt, Sonic Youth, Evol, 1986, SST
  15. Mess Of My, The Fall, The Complete Peel Sessions [Disc 1], 1987, Strange Fruit

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