Aug 1, 2009

I'm a session man. (01.08.09)

(If the audio stops playing, press pause and allow some time for the stream to upload.)

This week, we play tribute to the musicians that do all the hard work and get none of the credit.

1) Sissy Strut, The Meters, Look-A-Py-Py, Josie, 1969

2) The Champ, The Mohawks, The Champ, Pama, 1968
Countdown, Grange Hill, Dave Allen At Large, need I go on?

3) Galveston, Glen Campbell, Capitol, 1969

4) Good Vibrations,The Beach Boys, Smiley Smile, Capitol, 1966

5) Holy Are You,The Electric Prunes, Release Of An Oath, Reprise, 1968
Carol Kay on bass again, with Earl Palmer on drums (Little Richard, Sinatra, The Monkess, Tim Buckley, Elvis Costello)

6) As We Go Along, The Monkees, Head, Colgems, 1968
Featuring Neil Young and Carol King.

7) Come on Baby Let's Go Downtown, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Tonight's the Night, Reprise, 1977

8)Edward, The Mad Shirt Grinder (Edit), Quicksilver Messenger Service, Shady Grove, Capitol, 1968

9) Peg, Steely Dan, Aja, ABC, 1977

10) Motorbikin', Chris Spedding, Chris Spedding, RAK, 1975
Spedding worked with everybody. This tune is about as good as it gets.

11) St. Elmo's Fire, Brian Eno, Another Green World (2004 remaster), Island, 1975

12) Larry, Joe, Hal And Me, John Phillips, John The Wolfking of L.A., Dunhill, 1970
That's Larry Knetchel, Joe Osborn and Hal Blaine to you, sonny Jim.

13) Session Man, The Kinks, Face To Face, Pye, 1966
Nuff said.

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