Jul 25, 2009

Losing My Edge (25.07.09)

(If the audio stops playing, press pause and allow some time for the stream to upload.)

This week's guest announcer is Alex Mazonowicz from Asia.

For those of us who couldn't quite get up with it. 50 minutes of songs from the madcap laughterers and hanging heroes of pop.

1) Deutscher Girls, Adam & The Ants, 7", CBS, 1978
Stewart Leslie Goddard, aka, Adam Ant, lost his rag and walked into a boozer in Camden with his dad's WWII starter pistol (having already thrown a car alternator through the window). Apparently, he had become agitated when patrons of the pub derided his appearance. Ridicule is nothing to be scared of, surely.

2) Avalanche, Leonard Cohen, Songs Of Love And Hate, CBS, 1971

3) Do You Remember Walter The Kinks The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society Pye 1968

4) Surfs Up, The Beach Boys, Surf's Up, Capitol, 1971

5) Gigolo Aunt, Syd Barrett, Barrett, Harvest/EMI, 1970

6) Outside My Door, Can, Monster Movie, Liberty, 1969

7) River Deep Mountain High, Tina Turner, River Deep Mountain High Philles 1966

8) Stepping Razor, Peter Tosh, Equal Rights

9)Hey Garland, I Dig Your Tweed Coat, Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band, Ice Cream for Crow, Virgin, 1982

10) The Green Manalishi, Fleetwood Mac, Jumping At Shadows, CBS, 1968

11) These Days, Joy Division, Substance, Factory, 1979

12) No Matter What, Badfinger, No Dice, Apple, 1970

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