Mar 7, 2015


We just can't stop dancing on TU.
  1. Don't Stop The Carnival       Davey Graham           The Guitar Player      Golden Guinea           1963
  2. Stop The Wedding    Etta James      Top Ten          Argo    1963
  3. I Can't Stop Dancing Archie Bell & The Drells       I Can't Stop Dancing Atlantic           1968
  4. I'll Never Stop Loving You    Carla Thomas            I'll Never Stop Loving You 7"           Kent    1969
  5. Stop Sign        Mel Wynn & The Rhythm Aces        7"        Wand  1969
  6. Stopover Bombay      Alice Coltrane            Journey in Satchidananda   Impulse!         1970
  7. Truck Stop Girl          The Byrds      Untitled          Columbia        1970
  8. Who'll Stop The Rain            Creedence Clearwater Revival        Cosmo's Factory        Fantasy           1970
  9. Stop This Train (Again Doing It)     Kevin Ayers   Joy Of A Toy   Harvest           1970
  10. The Day of Timestop            Guru Guru      Dance of the Flames Atlantic           1974
  11. I Am Not Seeing That You Are Here            Jill Kroesen    Stop Vicious Cycles    Lovely Music Ltd       1982
  12. Never Stop     Echo & The Bunnymen        7"        Korova            1983
  13. Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before       The Smiths     Strangeways, Here We Come           EMI     1987
  14. Searching for the Pavement            Biff Bang Pow!           Love Is Forever          Creation         1988
  15. Showstopper Iron Knowledge        Chains and Black Exhaust    Memphix        2002

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