Nov 29, 2014

TV Repeats

We watch channel zero.
  1. Man On Box   Audience        Audience        Polydor           1969
  2. T.V. Eye           The Stooges   Fun House      Elektra            1970
  3. I've Got My Car And My TV  Faust   So Far Polydor           1972
  4. Television Screen      Radiators From Space           TV Tube Heart                       1977
  5. See No Evil     Television       Marquee Moon          Elektra            1977
  6. Television Sect           Sods    Television Sect/Military Madness 7"                      1978
  7. Where's Bill Grundy now?   Television Personalities        Where's Bill Grundy now? EP          Kings Road     1978
  8. Television Girl            Atlantics         Big City Rock  ABC     1979
  9. Sleeping With the Television On     Billy Joel         Glass Houses              1980
  10. TV Set The Cramps   Songs the Lord Taught Us    Illegal  1980
  11. TV Party         Black Flag       Damaged        SST      1981
  12. MTV Get Off The Air Dead Kennedys         Frankenchrist            Alternative Tentacles            1985
  13. Television Man          Talking Heads            Little Creatures         Sire     1985
  14. She Watch Channel Zero      Public Enemy            It Takes A Nation Of Millions           RQF-DMC       1988
  15. Kill Your Television   Ned's Atomic Dustbin           God Fodder    Columbia        1991
  16. Television rules the nation  Daft Punk       Human after all         Virgin  2005
  17. Antichrist Television Blues   Arcade Fire    Neon Bible     Merge 2007

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