Jul 21, 2013

The Sounds of Smith and Jones

RIP Mel Smith

If the audio stops playing, press stop and allow time for the stream to load.

This week's theme is a playlist of extraordinary music made by people with very ordinary names.
  1. Totally Wired    The Fall    Grotesque ( After The Gramme )    1980    Rough Trade
  2. One Way Ticket    Casey Jones & The Engineers    7"    1963    Columbia
  3. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now    The Smiths    Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now 7"    1984    Rough Trade
  4. You've Got A Habit Of Leaving    Davy Jones & The Lower Third    You've Got a Habit of Leaving 7"    1965    Parlophone
  5. Shakin' Street    MC5    Back In The USA    1970    Atlantic
  6. Time Is Tight    Booker T & The MG's    Up Tight    1968    Stax
  7. Tiger Rock    Tiger B. Smith    Tiger Rock    1972    Vertigo
  8. Just Can't Live My Life    Linda Jones    Just Can't Live My Life 7"    1969    Warner
  9. Coast To Coast    Elliott Smith    From A Basement On The Hill    2004    Domino
  10. Hard Sock Dance    Quincy Jones and his Orchestra    Quintessence    1961    Impulse!
  11. Amish Town    Lynn "Chirps" Smith    Down in little Egypt    2003    Vigortone
  12. Pull Up To The Bumper    Grace Jones    Pull Up To The Bumper    1981    Island
  13. It's Taking So Long    Kathy Smith    Kathy Smith 2    1971    Stormy Forest
  14. All My Friends Are Back Again    Al Jones    Jonesville    1972    The Village Thing
  15. Camouflage    Mr and Mrs Smith and Mr Drake    Mr and Mrs Smith and Mr Drake    1984    Alphabet Business Concern
  16. Tainted Love    Gloria Jones    7"    1964    Champion

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