Sep 3, 2011

The Mighty Wah Wah

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It's been 55 years since the invention of the wah-wah pedal by Brad Plunkett for the Warwick company. So here are some songs featuring wah-wah. Some conspicuous absences, I know, such as Miles Davis and Nick Turner, but it's only a pretext to play some groovy numbers, not a history lesson.
  1. White Room, Cream, Wheels of Fire, Polydor, 1968
  2. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return), Jimi Hendrix, Electric Ladyland, Track, 1968
  3. 1969, The Stooges, The Stooges, Elektra, 1969
  4. Up on cripple creek, The Band, The Band, Capitol, 1969
  5. Rock n Roll The Joint, Twink, Think Pink, 1970
  6. Burcak, Mustafa Ozkent Orchestra, Genclik Elele, 1970
  7. Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Again, Sly & The Family Stone, There's A Riot Going On, Epic, 1971
  8. Outta Space, Billy Preston, I Wrote a Simple Song, A&M, 1972
  9. Fencewalk, Mandrill, Composite Truth, Polydor, 1972
  10. Superfly, Curtis Mayfield, Superfly (OST), Curtom, 1972
  11. Inspiration Information, Shuggie Otis, Inspiration Information, Epic, 1974
  12. Get Up Offa That Thing, James Brown, 7", Polydor, 1976

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