Jul 9, 2011


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This week's theme is time. Time, like sleep, is an increasingly valuable commodity at Johns Towers of late, what with the arrival of young Master Johns: the time to do things like put you trousers on before lunch, the time to eat lunch at all, but also the time to stop and appreciate what's going on around you. Some classy tunes his week, but I particularly like Plato and Philosopher's "Thirteen O'clock Flight To Psychedelphia" for the title alone.
  1. Time, Neon Boys, Neon Boys + Richard Hell and the Voidoids, 1973, Shake
  2. I just wasn't made for these times, The Beach Boys, Pet Sounds, 1966, Capitol
  3. A Forest, The Cure, Seventeen Seconds, 1980, Fiction
  4. Futures And Pasts, The Fall, Live At The Witch Trials, 1978, Step Forward
  5. Amateur hour, Joe Jackson, I'm the Man , 1979, A&M
  6. Wednesday Week, Costello, Elvis & the Attractions, Armed Forces, 1978, Radar
  7. I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time, The Third Bardo, 7", 1967, Roulette
  8. 2000 Light Years From Home, The Rolling Stones, Their Satanic Majesties Request, 1967, Decca
  9. Thirteen O'Clock Flight To Psychedelphia, Plato & The Philosophers, 1967, Fairyland
  10. 25 o'clock, The Dukes of the Stratosphear, 25 o'clock, 1985, Virgin
  11. In My Hour Of Darkness, Gram Parsons, Grievous Angel, 1973, Reprise
  12. Reelin In The Years, Steely Dan, Can't Buy A Thrill, 1973, ABC
  13. Two Weeks Since You've Gone, Scott Walker, Scott 3, 1969, Phillips
  14. Turn Back The Hands Of Time, Tyrone Davis, 7", 1970, Dakar
  15. Hear Me Calling [Single Version], Ten Years After, 1969 Stonedhenge, 1969, Decca
  16. The Story Waits For No One, The Week That Was, The Week That Was, 2008, Memphis Industries

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