Mar 6, 2010

Joe and John

(If the audio stops playing, press stop and allow time for the stream to load.)

1. Poor Boy, John Fahey, The Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death, 1965, Riverboat

2. John Henry, John Renbourn, John Renbourn, 1965, Transatlantic

3. Baby You're My Hearts Desire, Billy Joe Royal, 7", 1966, Columbia

4. A Midsummer's Night Scene, John's Children, 7", 1967, Track

5. Incense And Peppermints, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Incense And Peppermints, 1967, UNI

6. Who Knows Where The Time Goes?, Fairport Convention, Unhalfbricking, 1969, Island

7. The Unlucky Heroes, John Barry, The Persuaders! (OST), 1971

8. He's Gonna Step On You Again, John Kongos, Kongos, 1972, Dawn

9. Go Down Easy, John Martyn, Solid Air, 1973, Island

10. Lookout Joe, Neil Young, Tonight's the Night, 1977, Reprise

11. Sunday papers, Joe Jackson, Look Sharp!, 1979, A&M

12. Delores, Th' Faith Healers, 12', 1991, Too Pure

13. Trace of you, Junior Electronics, 12 in 1, 2008, Duphonic Super 45s

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