Sep 5, 2009

The Stereolab Source Guide (05.09.09)

(If the audio stops playing, press pause and allow some time for the stream to upload.)

1) Dance Dance Dance, The Casualeers , 7", Roulette, 1967

2) Girl in the Park, Nirvana, All Of Us, Island, 1968

3) Cimica Industrie, Oronzo de Filippi, Meccanizzazione, Leo, 196?

4) Main Title, Krzysztof Komeda, Fearless Vampire Killer OST, MGM, 1967

5) You're Gonna Make Me Love You, Sandi Sheldon, 7", Okeh, 1967

6) Hallogallo, Neu!, Neu!, Brain, 1971

7) Divino Maravilhoso, Gal Costa, Gal Costa, Polygram, 1968

8) Passaredo, Chico Buarque, Chico 50 Anos - O Cronista (compilation), Phillips

9) Mind Train, Yoko Ono, Fly, Apple, 1971

10) On The Road Again Canned Heat, Boogie with Canned Heat, Liberty, 1968

11) Primitivo, Sergio Mendès & the Bossa Rio Sextet, The Bossa Rio Sextet, Phillips, 1963

12) Blue Rhythm Festival, Piero Piccioni, Easy Tempo Vol. 1: A Cinematic Easy Listening Experience, Easy Tempo, 1997

13) Ruby, Silver Apples, Contact, Kapp, 1969

15) Dancing Queen, ABBA, Arrival, Polar, 1976
Yes, we did have to pay lots of money.

Thanks to all the websites and YouTube clips that I pinched this idea from.


Kaos Komik said...

Great show. I'm certainly enjoying expanding my musical tastes listening TUWSJ. Keep 'em coming.

mike d said...

Well done. I made and posted those "Stereolab Origins" videos on Youtube, so I'm pretty amused to hear this.

Oh yeah, that vocal break in "Caleidoscopic Gaze" is straight "Starship Trooper"...